Tranquilizers are depressants and can be very addictive. Those tranquilizers that are most addictive are barbiturates and benzodiazepines. Doctors prescribe barbiturates for sleeping problems and benzodiazepines to reduce anxiety. When people abuse tranquilizers, they usually mix them with other types of drugs. The main drug that is mixed with tranquilizers is a stimulant. The stimulants used can be either legal or illegal drugs like cocaine or heroin.

Names for Illicit Tranquilizers

The illicit tranquilizers in use on the street have brand names as well as street nicknames.

Street names for illicit tranquilizers:


Here are some of the legally prescribed drugs’ names:


Signs to Watch for with Tranquilizer Abuse

If a loved one is suspected of abusing tranquilizers, look for increased irritability and the inability to sleep without aid. They may appear drowsy. Their speech may be slurred and they may be unable to concentrate or focus well. They may get dizzy. Their inhibitions are lowered and they may take risks they normally would not. Even when life’s circumstances would not warrant it, they may feel euphoric. They can have memory lapses of common everyday activities they have engaged in.

Unfortunately many who become addicted to tranquilizers resort to crime in order to get more. Perhaps they have had a doctor prescribe the drugs for them, but if this outlet stops, they sometimes need to either find another doctor willing to prescribe them or start to steal the drugs. When you find multiple bottles of pills in their possession or even bottles that have someone else’s name on them, realize that they are addicted. Their tolerance for the drug increases as they continue to take it, so they constantly need more. This is the life of an addict. They need help to overcome this physical dependence.

Effects of Tranquilizer Abuse and Addiction

When someone is abusing tranquilizers, their quality of life takes a turn for the worse. They don’t care about things like they used to. Their performance on the job or at school suffers. When they have a family, they won’t pay attention to the needs of their spouse or children as they should. They don’t have interests as they used to and may stop going to clubs, social events and the like because they just don’t care about them anymore.

The tranquilizer abuser should not operate a motor vehicle but often do – resulting in accidents and all too often injuries or even death. Other mishaps can occur at home or on the job. This is a result of the drug on the body and mind. It is essential that a person addicted to tranquilizers seeks drug rehab to leave them behind and get his or her life back.

Long Term Effects of Abusing Tranquilizers

Some of the long-term effects of tranquilizers can consist of the following:

Respiratory distress
Cardiac arrest

Benzodiazepines can cause weakness, blurred vision, and even coma. Mood swings are common.

Recovering from Tranquilizer Addiction

There are about two million people in the United States who are abusing various tranquilizers. This is a frightening amount, and it is vital we educate our children on the dangers of these drugs at an early age. But when this education hasn’t occurred with someone who is now addicted, it is necessary for the addict to find help and give up this destructive habit.

When a person is coming off tranquilizers, he or she needs careful monitoring throughout withdrawal. Some may need a medical detox done first so dangerous symptoms, such as seizures, delirium and other mental disturbances can be dealt with.

When a person has only taken tranquilizers for a matter of weeks, he or she will likely not need rehab. But if on them for months, and cannot stop on their own, they need professional assistance to come off them.

We are committed to find the right drug rehab for you or your loved one. We will help with intervention if needed. We will follow up and ensure the addict gets the right kind of help and is able to leave drugs behind for good.

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