One of the worst stories I ever heard was one of a woman who accidentally killed her 10-day-old baby while on crystal meth. I think of it often when working with addicts to help them come off of drugs. It is a horrid testimonial to the destruction addiction can cause.

It was in November of 2010. A young mother, who already was endangering the life of her unborn child because she took drugs while pregnant, had her child and was caring for her at home. Per the report, she took some crystal meth and went to do a laundry. She scooped her child up with the clothes, put everything in the washer and turned on the machine.

An aunt coming to check on the young mother found the woman passed out and heard a strange noise from the washing machine. Opening the lid, she found the baby dead in the washer. During the 911 call the aunt made, the addicted mother could be heard accusing the aunt of killing her child. When law enforcement officials arrived, they were so moved by the grim scene that they could barely keep their composure.

Crystal meth destroys personal values and integrity. Responsibility is just something that doesn’t really exist when someone is addicted to any drug. Have you seen addicts accuse others of things they had a part in, but deny any involvement to the max? Of course! But that person down deep knows this is not the way it should be. He or she knows that his life is upside down and inside out.

It might be too late if an addict waits for some turning point to feel the necessity to get rehab. Someone could be dead. HE could be dead. Addiction can be overcome, and successfully. Many do it every day. It takes determination and it takes the right kind of drug treatment center. The best drug rehab is one where the person is not told he is always going to be an addict. There is nothing further from the truth. Anyone can overcome addiction. Call us and find out.