Meth abuse is ravaging our country, the number of users climbing every year. Methamphetamine is extremely addictive and is very destructive. When you have a loved one that you suspect is addicted to meth, it is important to be able to recognize the symptoms of meth use.

Meth is usually a crystalline powder, white to light brown in color. Sometimes it comes in clear crystals which look like broken glass or a liquid form. The methods of use include swallowing it, snorting it, injecting it or smoking it.

Meth addiction symptoms will be finding the materials related to meth abuse scattered about. Look for little bags of white powder or of crystals. You may find syringes if a person is shooting it. Other signs of meth addiction can be pieces of aluminum foil, or a can with a hole in its side. To snort the drug, meth users may use the tube of a ball-point pen emptied of the ink cartridge.

Physical and mental meth symptoms are pretty obvious. Since methamphetamine is a stimulant, when the person has taken the drug, he or she will feel more energetic. They will not sleep for long periods. Meth addicts will often lose a lot of weight and look undernourished. This is due to the fact that they lose their appetite.

Other signs of methamphetamine addiction include the person being overheated and sweaty although he is not exercising and the temperature outside or inside is not necessarily hot. The pupils will be dilated. When a person repeatedly uses meth, he can become confused, act violent, get unnaturally aggressive or be quite paranoid.

When someone has engaged in heavy use of meth, there can be serious consequences. Meth users can experience delusions and hallucinations. They often get into risky situations because of their poor judgment. Their teeth become rotten due to the strong acid-like nature of the drug.

Just like other drug addicts, the meth addict becomes engrossed in satisfying his cravings for the drug.  He will be driven by his urges to get that next high, and will say or do just about anything to get his next fix. This will be to the exclusion of everything else – family, friends, jobs, dreams for the future. Lives are destroyed by addiction to this drug.

Of course, there is also the threat of death always just around the corner. An overdose will result in such overheating that the person can have convulsions or a heart attack. This is a dangerous drug and someone who wants to leave it behind must find a rehab for meth that works.

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