If you have had a loved one who was addicted to alcohol, you have perhaps found it difficult if not impossible to get him (or her) into a drug and alcohol rehabilitation center. Those addicted to drink are obstinate, manipulative and generally drive one crazy with the avoidance of responsibility for their condition. So what is happening? Why are they acting as they do?

Alcohol is extremely insidious in its action on the body. It is, after all, a poison. When consumed in enough quantity, it kills. General effects include flushed skin, poor coordination, slurred speech and impaired judgment. This latter is important to understand. The impaired judgment includes the addict’s distorted perceptions of himself and the world around him. An alcoholic often lives in denial of the destructiveness he creates around him, both to himself and others.

Alcohol does affect different people in different ways, depending on their weight, build, sex and metabolism. But it seems this distorted view of life is common with them all to one degree or another. The alcohol addict won’t be positive in his statements or actions. Everything ends up a “maybe.” It is like he doesn’t dare make a promise or he could be in big trouble. When caught in a lie (which will happen all the time) he simply justifies himself out of it. His rationalizations don’t even make sense sometimes, but he will still swear by them.

A loved one dealing with an alcoholic must realize that it is the alcohol talking, not their loved one. This person is poisoning himself and is destroying his body and yet calmly saying everything is fine, “I can stop drinking on my own,” “I am not an alcoholic,” “I am this way because you are just one mean, horrible person.” This litany breaks your heart, but you somehow know he or she doesn’t mean it and stick by them, hoping still to help.

Living with the lies, the unreasonable behavior and the self-pity or sense of entitlement gets to be too much. But what do you do? Intervention is always a possibility and if you have a facility set up first, an intervention professional can get them to agree to go and then the interventionist will transport them to the center.

With some alcoholics, when they find that their body is just sick beyond belief, they will finally say they have to do something. When this happens, take action NOW! Don’t wait! You must find and get them into a rehab facility right now before they change their minds. And change their minds they will! You can call Solution to Addiction and we’ll help you find a drug rehab center for your loved one so you can act fast. We will also find an interventionist if needed. There are really good ones out there who can move mountains!