Substance abuse commonly refers to the use of illegal substances in order to alter the user’s mood. Abuse may be differently defined than just “use.” Abuse indicates a harmful pattern. Although prescription drugs are considered legal, when these are used for purposes different than directed by a doctor or on the instruction label this would come under substance abuse.

However, there are substances currently being used that are not actually drugs. Things such as inhalants or solvents contain chemicals that act as a drug when abused. Anabolic steroids can also be abused, but do not consist of mood altering properties.

What about marijuana? Some say that it is not something that would be abused, only “used.” However, according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse people can become addicted to marijuana, if only psychologically.

Drugs are Poisons and Addiction Can Mean Death

Suffice it to say that drugs are poisons, and when put into the body, they can create adverse health effects and result in addiction – completely destroying lives. Those who abuse drugs or alcohol end up on the edge, ready to fall over into the abyss of addiction. You hear how drug or alcohol addicts lose family, friends, jobs and even their lives. This is true. It happens daily throughout the world.

Abuse too often leads to addiction, and the person suddenly realizes one day that he is addicted. The main question to answer is this – “Can you just stop using the substance with no adverse effects, either mentally or physically?” Additionally, if you need to justify about how you don’t have a NEED to stop, this is an indication that you are “hooked.”

Commonly Abused Illegal Drugs

Millions of people in the United States abuse drugs. It is estimated as running as high as 20 million. The most commonly abused drugs are the following:

* Marijuana
* Cocaine
* Heroin
* Methamphetamine
* Inhalants
* Hallucinogens
* Prescription pain relievers
* Stimulants
* Sedatives
* Tranquilizers

When talking to those who have gone through rehab, many start out using marijuana and progress to harder drugs.

Drug Rehab for Substance Abuse

Today there is a wide array of programs that are available for those who have become addicted to drugs. They range from therapy groups to 30-day or 90-day programs. There is medical detox that gets the person clean. Some must do a medical detox in order to come off certain drugs to prevent serious withdrawal effects. There are also programs that will keep a person going through recovery until he or she is truly ready to go back home. These are few and far between. Usually when a person finishes 30 days of a 30-day program, he will simply be referred to further counseling or an outpatient program. This doesn’t always work.

We will find the most successful program for a person addicted so lasting recovery is possible. Call us to find drug-free programs that give the best chance of living a life without drugs and the best chance of not experiencing relapse.

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