The Problem with Suboxone

There has raged a debate over Suboxone and whether it truly is the best way to alleviate opiate addiction. Many have wondered why taking another opiate drug would be a solution to opiate addiction. Drug replacement therapy seems to be just replacing one addiction for another. But what other options are there?


Suboxone was released for the first time in 2002 in an attempt to improve drug replacement therapy over the current use of methadone. Regular use of methadone was known to cause a physical dependency on the drug and would cause physical changes similar to the ones that heroin or other opiates caused. Methadone had also started to be sold on the street – just another illegal drug in the wide choice of drugs available to addicts. However, when Suboxone came on the market, it was thought to be an advanced remedy to opiate addiction.

Suboxone is a drug which contains as an active ingredient a semi-synthetic opiate called buprenorphine. This drug was now to be used for maintenance therapy. It was thought to be a solution to a life of addiction and related behaviors such as theft, sickness, unemployment and broken homes.

Problems with Suboxone

Unfortunately, a person trying to leave drugs behind (opiates specifically) now found themselves needing Suboxone regularly in order to function. Otherwise cravings would occur and withdrawal symptoms would take over.

Although it was thought to be a solution to getting people out of drug rehab centers, it was clear that those who wanted to finally get off of Suboxone were having a real difficulty in doing so. Many have said that the withdrawal symptoms are worse than heroin.

Other Options

There are facilities which can detox a person off of heroin or other opiates such as OxyContin without the use of drug replacement therapy. These detoxes may use Suboxone in the process of a medical detox, but will taper a person off before continuing them on a rehab program based on 12-step or alternative therapies. Some drug rehab centers use nutritional aspects to help with the withdrawal, and this makes the detox more effective as it replaces missing essential nutrients needed to cope with detox, withdrawal and even the aftereffects of addiction.

Drug referral services have often been called by those on Suboxone looking for help to get off of it. These referral services hopefully can provide a good center which will get a person off Suboxone and not use any other long-term prescription. This is the way to truly leave drugs behind. Solution to Addiction is a drug referral service which will find the right kind of detox so someone can get off Suboxone and stay off, and in the most comfortable way possible. Call us today at 800-343-0892.