It is a sad truth that Suboxone has been found to be addictive, and those who try to get off of it say that withdrawal symptoms are worse than heroin. It doesn’t make much sense to use an opiate-type drug to come off opiates, but that is exactly what is being done. Those who are taking Suboxone notice severe symptoms when they try and taper off.

What to Do?

If someone has had the misfortune to get on a drug replacement therapy, there are ways to get off these drugs and live a completely clean life. Leaving drugs behind forever – all forms of drugs – is really the way to live a productive and happy life. However, for addicts or recovering addicts currently taking Suboxone or Subutex, this may seem impossible. Not so! It is very possible to get off drug substitutes.

Finding a Good Detox

The way to get off Suboxone or any other drug substitute is to get through a decent detoxification. To detox from these drugs is not impossible, and there are facilities that will do it. These centers will often provide medical detox with doctors standing by in case they are needed. Any drugs they use in accomplishing the detox will be tapered down and the person stabilized with no drugs in the system.

At this point it is important to continue with a rehab program. Just detoxing does not get a person recovered and ready to go back to work, school or whatever keeps them busy. It is vital to get therapy, and 90 days of a program is much better than just 30 days. Longer term programs are more successful in providing lasting sobriety.

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