The numbers of people who abuse methamphetamine (meth) seem to increase each year. This drug is extremely dangerous and easy to become hooked on. To recognize the symptoms of someone who has been abusing the drug is vital, so you can take action to get them help.

Meth and Methods of Consumption

Meth is a white or light brown crystalline powder, usually appearing as small clear crystals. These crystals look somewhat like broken glass shards. It can also come in a liquid form. It is taken by mouth by swallowing, snorting it up the nose, injected into veins or smoked.

Symptoms and Signs of the Use of or Addiction to Methamphetamine

When you suspect that someone you love is using meth, you can investigate their surroundings and observe their behavior in order to figure out if it is true – that they are abusing meth or are addicted.

Look for small bags filled with white powder or crystals. There may only be residues in the bags. Look for syringes laying around on the floor or hidden in closets or drawers. Syringes indicate the person is shooting the drug into their veins. You may find aluminum foil crumpled up or soft drink cans with a hole in the sides. Cheap ball-point pens have plastic shafts which can be used to snort meth. If you see some of these shafts around, this could be a sign your loved one is abusing meth.

The appearance of a meth abuser will be fairly obvious. They will act more energetic when using the drug, because it is, after all, a stimulant. They may not sleep for a number of days on end. They will look undernourished because they lose interest in eating.

For those who abuse meth regularly, the consequences can be very serious. They can begin to hallucinate, become very aggressive or paranoid. They have extremely poor judgment and thus can easily get into accidents or risky situations.

Effects of Meth

When someone is abusing methamphetamine, the short- and long-term effects are disastrous. Besides the person’s life turning upside down as they focus only on finding more of the drug to alleviate their cravings, the physical damage is great. It is very hard on the body. They can experience a rapid or irregular heartbeat. They have a rapid deterioration in their health. They develop sores on their body, usually due to picking at their skin because they feel that bugs are crawling there.

Overdose causes severe overheating of the body. Such intense overheating can occur that a person can go into convulsions and/or cardiovascular distress resulting in death.

Cravings Ruining a Life

How does meth ruin a life? It is because the cravings drive the person – and to the exclusion of everything else. He does no longer have any attention of his job, his children, his spouse, his family or his friends. He lives for the next fix. All his dreams and aspirations just go down the drain. He is numb to the damage done. The drugs affect him so that he hardly notices the horrors occurring.

Treatment for Meth Addiction

With death or incarceration a threat consistently haunting an addict, he continues on his deadly course. He can’t help it. The body and mind drive him on, trying to find that next dose of meth. The family often has to give their support and do what is necessary to get their loved one the help he or she needs.

There is help out there, whether it is intervention to convince the person that he needs help, or it is an effective rehab program that won’t kick him out on the street after 30 or 90 days when he isn’t truly ready. We can find the most successful drug rehab for meth addiction.

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