Sheridan Oregon is located in Yamhill County, incorporated in 1880. In 1913 a fire ravaged the city and burned much of it, but it was rebuilt and continued to grow. The city is a beautiful one, with the Northern Oregon Coast Range towering high above.

Like the rest of Oregon, the city of Sheridan has its share of drug abuse and addiction problems. Oregon is a key area for shipments of drugs into Washington and Canada. Meth labs exist in both cities and rural areas, making meth one of the drugs with the highest use in the state.

Besides meth, other illegal drugs which are popular in Oregon and thus Sheridan, are heroin, club drugs, marijuana and cocaine. Unfortunately, there are a high percentage of individuals within the state who have used illegal drugs in the past year and the number is larger than the national average. Drug-induced deaths also exceeded the national average, topping 15.1 percent per 1000,000 population.

List of Drug Rehab Centers nearby in McMinnville:

  • Better Choices Counseling Services
  • Yamhill County Family and Youth Programs
  • Yamhill County Chemical Dependency Program

There are not an abundance of drug rehab programs in the area. Even if an addict is agreeable to go to a large city to a rehabilitation facility, there is no guarantee he or she will be able to find lasting recovery. To get sober and stay sober takes a large effort, both on the part of the drug or alcohol addict and the staff in the rehab center, as well as the family members. We can help you find an effective drug rehab that will give an addict the very best chance at lasting recovery. Call us today at 1-800-343-0892.