For an addict who wants to leave drugs behind for good, a sauna detox can provide the way to do just that. Toxins and drug residues are stored in the body’s fat cells, ready to be released into the bloodstream and possibly spark cravings. Residual drugs can be cocaine or heroin or even marijuana. Prescription drugs also leave residues in the tissues. A sauna detox will flush them out when applied exactly according to a specific procedure.

A strict protocol includes time in a sauna, vitamins and minerals and some moderate exercise time each day. It cleanses the body thoroughly and the person not only feels his body is now clean, but his mind clears up as well. Afterwards, people often express amazement at how bright and alive and healthy they feel.

Drug rehab centers must provide good addiction treatment. And all programs are not alike. It is vital to find one that does not use substitute drugs and one that does not just “kick the addict out” after the 30-day period (or whatever the time frame is) is over. Tracking the person after they leave is important too.

The sauna detox works like this: The drug residues enter the body and lodge in the fat cells. The person stops taking drugs and those residues remain there. Exercise or stress or something that burns those fat cells causes the toxins to be released from the fatty tissues and they begin to circulate once again in the blood. This can spark a craving for the drug. And when it does – possible relapse. This is why a sauna detox is so good for someone who wants to leave drugs behind.

The reason that vitamins and minerals are used during a sauna detox is so the body is supported. Nutrition is needed so the body can purge the chemicals. The depletion of vitamins and minerals just during the process of recovery can create added stress, so plenty of nutritional support just helps greatly. And it has to be administered by someone who knows what they are doing, because the vitamins and minerals must be balanced. If they aren’t a deficiency in one can occur which makes it all less effective.

We can help you find a sauna detox to help you really find lasting recovery. We know that this is one very effective way to get back in control of your life. A drug rehab with a good sauna detox exists. You can be free of drugs and live a productive and happy life!