San Antonio, Texas Drug Rehab

San Antonio, Texas is in Bexar County, the second most populous city in the Lone Star State. Nicknames for San Antonio include River City, Alamo City and San Antone. In 2011 the population was reported as 1,334,431.

San Antonio is within the Southwest Border High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area, a designation by law enforcement indicating more resources are needed here to fight criminal drug organizations which flood illegal drugs into the state. The top illicit drug threats include heroin, methamphetamine, cocaine and marijuana.

The seizure of meth labs increased from 2007 to 2009, and this drug continues to be manufactured locally. Per recent survey, about six percent of residents in the state had used illicit drugs within the last month prior to survey. Although slightly below national average, it is still much too high. And drugs are too readily available in the state due to the border with Mexico and Mexican drug organizations importing and distributing drugs within Texas.

More than 2300 people died in the state as a direct result of drug use in 2007. There are approximately 4,200 people in local jails, more than 270 people in homes or halfway houses for drug or alcohol abuse and about 119 people in hospitals for drug or alcohol abuse.

Drug Rehab Centers in San Antonio, Texas:

  • Elite Counseling
  • AAMA – Selena Outpatient
  • Metro Treatment of Texas LP
  • Alamo Area Resource Center Inc.
  • Center for Healthcare Services
  • Hope Action Care
  • San Antonio Substance Abuse Clinic
  • Alpha Home Inc. – Residential/Outpatient
  • River City Rehabilitation Center Inc.
  • Assoc for the Adv of Mexican Amer Inc. (AAMA)/Selena Youth Residential
  • Alpha Home Inc. – Residential/Outpatient
  • Alamo City Treatment Services
  • TRS Behavioral Care Inc.
  • Lifetime Recovery Residential Services
  • Tejas Recovery and Counseling Services
  • South Texas Veterans Healthcare System
  • Methodist Specialty/Transplant Hospital
  • Volunteers of America Texas Inc.
  • A Turning Point
  • Laurel Ridge Treatment Center

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