Rohypnol is an illegal drug, a benzodiazepine that is used as a date-rape drug. It is known as a “club drug” because it has been used in sexual assaults by placing it in a drink at a bar or nightclub. Rohypnol is tasteless and the drinker would have no awareness of consuming it. This drug is not marketed in the United States but can be purchased in Mexico and sometimes on the Internet. It is sold most often in pill form.

Recently the manufacture of Rohypnol was changed to include a blue liquid in the center of the pill so when put in a drink, it makes the drink turn a tint of blue or become cloudy. This is to prevent using this drug in a sexual assault.

Signs and Symptoms of Rohypnol Use

The drug Rohypnol causes a euphoria and amnesia. It can disable a person from being able to resist a sexual attack. They most often cannot take care of themselves when under the influence. A person who is high on this drug has reduced inhibitions and cannot make intelligent judgments. They can get confused, sleepy, aggressive or sedated. They can get weak and develop a headache. When used with alcohol, the person can actually go unconscious and have their breathing rate slow so much as to result in death.

You may recognize if someone has been given Rohypnol if they manifest:

>Being very drunk although not drinking very much
>Loss of control over their movements
>Have a great difficulty talking
>Difficulty with their vision

Overcoming Addiction to Rohypnol

A person, when addicted to Rohypnol, has no choice in their addiction. The drug takes over, dictating the need to satisfy the cravings. Even when they are affected so much that they have serious accidents or lose a good job, they will continue to take the drug. It is vital to find a drug rehab that will get them able to leave the drug behind for good. Lasting recovery means a new life and a freedom from drug abuse.

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