When an addict needs that next pill or injection so badly, he or she has no real thought about how their life is or can be affected. The cravings drive an addict to commit acts that would have been unimaginable before a life of drugs. The person who is addicted to illicit drugs gets involved with others of like mind, those who just don’t much care for anything anymore except chasing a high, or getting money to afford the high.

Addiction results in getting involved with the wrong crowd and losing friends that used to mean the world to one. It often results in jail time. It can end up in horrifying ways, with a shooting or stabbing death or with the awful consequences of sudden stroke or heart attack.

For those not addicted, the reality of addiction is not real at all. It seems too simple to brush off someone involved in drugs as a “criminal,” an irresponsible idiot who probably just deserves to die a horrible death. Someone who thinks this way has no idea what an addict goes through. Of course, there are the real criminals within the drug world – the dealers, the murderers, the ones who create havoc. They may have been just as insane outside the drug scene. Certainly if they do drugs, it escalates their criminal tendencies.

An example of drug-related crime and devastation occurred in Dallas, Texas recently. Three men were killed in drug-related incidents in the city, two brothers shot to death and one other young man stabbed and left to die in his car. Medical personnel could not save him. All were suspected in being involved in drugs and meeting with others to get the illegal substance.

These young people were not naturally bad people. But they certainly were driven to drastic lengths by their desire for that next fix. And it led them to a death at an age where death should yet be a long way off. Any dreams these boys had as children evaporated when they began abusing drugs. Addiction came to absorb them and ruined their lives.

Drugs have led people to do things while completely unaware of the consequences. For instance, read the blog post “The Tragedy of Addiction,” a horrific story of someone on crystal meth.

No matter the location – Dallas, Texas, Portland, Maine, San Diego, California – the results of addiction are the same. It leads to destroyed lives. It devastates parents and family. It disintegrates dreams. Finding a drug rehab that has the best chance at lasting recovery for the individual is what we are all about here at Solution to Addiction. 1-800-343-0892.