In the United States, over seven million people abuse prescription drugs every year. It is a growing problem, one that must be addressed. Pain relievers are the most commonly abused drug and are addictive.

Hundreds of thousands of Americans are prescribed benzodiazepines every year. These drugs are prescribed for sleeplessness and for anxiety. Many go into treatment to get off these drugs, but many do not. So there may be over half a million people who are still struggling with addiction. These types of drugs accounted for the deaths of Anna Nicole Smith, Michael Jackson and Amy Whitehouse. Many deaths have been attributed to this class of drug.

Unfortunately, many of the drugs that are given to students for ADHD diagnoses get abused. Students will share them with friends, or take more than needed. Ritalin and Adderall are ones that often are abused by youth. Sometimes kids will use them so they can stay up late at parties or studying. However, once addicted, there will be a major problem.


When people use prescription drugs as prescribed by their doctor, addiction rarely occurs. When prescription drugs are misused, then adverse effects can and will occur. Addiction is dangerous, as then the person is trapped in a labyrinth of life-threatening situations.

Effects of Prescription Drug Abuse

The effects of abusing prescription drugs usually are noticeable. If someone is taking them without medical supervision, they will show signs of this use. They will feel and look sedated, have slowed breathing and will be lethargic. Their life suffers as well. They begin to not care about their cleanliness, won’t eat properly and tend to ignore any health issues that present themselves. It is not safe for the person to drive or operate machinery, as their ability to concentrate is affected. They can fall asleep at the wheel.

Treatment for Prescription Drug Addiction

In most conventional rehab centers, drug replacement therapy is used, where other drugs are prescribed to prevent withdrawal symptoms. It is best to find a rehab program that does not use addictive substitute drugs, as it is certainly not providing a drug-free life. In fact, substitute medications are often prescribed for years after leaving the drug of choice behind. And sometimes these drugs just lead right back into using the earlier drug of choice.

Some prescription drugs will require a person to go through a medical detox first, then a regular drug rehab program. There are so many rehabilitation programs available that it can be confusing picking one. The success rates of many are not that great. We can help. We will find the right rehab program so you or your loved one can leave behind addiction to prescription drugs for good. Lasting recovery is what it is all about!

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