According to the Press-Enterprise news source, legislation was introduced to fight the problem of prescription drug abuse. When pharmaceutical companies manufacture their prescription pills so they are tamper-resistant, it is believed it will stop addicts and dealers from using them illegally.

Vicodin and OxyContin are commonly crushed into a fine powder, dissolved in water and injected. This apparently changes the time-release formula and provides a high. The bill being introduced would require the FDA to make drug makers create tamper-free versions of their opiate-based drugs and hopefully stop this harmful practice. With the wide abuse of and addiction to prescription drugs in this country, it is not only just a local issue anymore. It becomes a federal one.

There are many directly affected by powerfully addictive drugs and addiction. Even some of the politicians backing the bill have personal experiences with people they know and love becoming addicted. Neighborhoods are affected with drug-related crime. It basically affects everyone near and far. It is time to take action. One Republican elect from California said that drug companies must reformulate the drugs or they should simply take them off the market.

It is unlikely that huge pharmaceutical companies would simply withdraw their products from the market. However, changing the formula to make them tamper-resistant could elicit some change in our drug-oriented culture. Particularly important when prescription drug addiction and abuse takes thousands of lives!