All around the country, prescription drug abuse is escalating. In the news in Danville, California, a young college graduate was musically inclined. He wrote and played his own songs. He went to Sacramento State University and graduated with honors. But in his last year of school, things started to change.

The boy’s mother noticed changes, such as irritability which never existed before. He slept more than normally. His mother found he was addicted to prescription drugs, starting with Vicodin and progressing to OxyContin. He spent two years trying to get sober by finding effective treatment programs. He died of an accidental overdose at the age of twenty-four.

Often, kids become addicted to prescription opiates and progress next to heroin because it is less expensive. When someone starts to experiment with prescription drugs, they are lead too easily to addiction and a destroyed life. Many addicts obtain these drugs from drug dealers who are all too happy to supply a new customer.

Criminal doctors often provide prescription drugs to addicts in order to gain profit. Overprescribing pain medications can lead to a loss of license, but these criminals don’t plan on getting caught.

Two young kids were killed in an automobile accident in 2003. The driver had taken thirteen Vicodin and six different muscle relaxers and mixed in vodka to boot. The addict himself is not the only one affected by his or her addiction. Families everywhere are devastated by loss of loved ones due to vehicle accidents involving drugs or alcohol.

Finding good treatment is a vital necessity for those addicted to prescription drugs.

ABC Local News