Peoria, situated on the Illinois River in Peoria County, is the seventh most populated city in Illinois. The entire metro area boasted a population of more than 373,000 as of 2011.

Although Chicago is the major distribution hub for illegal drugs, these addictive substances find their way to Peoria. Cocaine is the most serious problem with heroin close behind. Other drug threats to the Peoria area are meth, club drugs (such as Ecstasy) and marijuana.

In Peoria there are about 179 people incarcerated in state prisons. There are 56 people in facilities for drug and alcohol abuse. There are 12 people in halfway homes.

Illinois in general has a drug problem that won’t quit. The drug that has most treatment admissions in the state is heroin. This drug is devastating to those who are addicted, and too many times the addict will turn to it after addicted to OxyContin because it is easier to get and cheaper.

Crime rates soar when citizens are addicted to drugs. Addicts are pushed by cravings to do things they would never do if they were not addicted. For instance, not long ago in Peoria two drug dealers were arrested and more than six grams of heroin were seized in the raid, as well as crack cocaine and more heroin at an accomplice’s house. The probable reason they were dealing was to afford their own habits. More recently a popular basketball player was found with an addictive prescription drug and arrested, most likely destroying his career.

Drug Rehab Centers in Peoria Illinois:

  • Countermeasures, Inc.
  • Human Service Center (5 locations)
  • Illinois Institute for Addiction Recovery
  • Illinois Alcohol and Drug Evaluation Services
  • New Leaf

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