When pain relievers are prescribed by a doctor for pain from an injury or some physical condition, patients find they can better cope with the pain and live life easier, without so much discomfort. However, when abused, these same pain relievers can destroy someone’s life by creating a physical dependency and need to get more of the drug in order to just get by.

Prescription Drug Abuse is Worldwide

According to research, pain relievers are the most frequently abused prescription drug in the United States and Canada. In Europe, fentanyl is an extremely strong opiate and is becoming more abused. Finland and Norway have a high incidence of abuse of benzodiazepines, and in Asian countries stimulants are more often abused than other prescription drugs.

Our youth get involved due to peer pressure and a lot of false information that circulates saying that taking these prescription drugs is okay and won’t hurt anything. However, when the young person experiments, he may suddenly find himself addicted. Pain relievers are abused and lives can be ruined. Some kids find pills in their parents’ medicine cabinet. It is good advice to parents to keep their medicine cabinet locked.

Some of the pain relievers that get abused are OxyContin, morphine, fentanyl, Percocet, Percodan and Roxicet. They have effects like heroin and some will turn to taking heroin as it is easier to obtain.

Addicts Who are Addicted to Prescription Drugs May Refuse Help

One serious problem parents can face in trying to help a loved one is that he or she may not want anyone to help them. Sometimes they are in denial that they even have a problem! They will lie in order to try and convince someone that they are not addicted. Why? It could be a number of reasons. They could not want to confront the harm they have caused in an addicted lifestyle. Perhaps they have tried to walk off from the drugs and know that the withdrawal symptoms are agonizing.

There is always the possibility that intervention can help. You can find effective interventionists that can help get a loved one to agree to go to rehab. Sometimes the addict finally realizes he or she needs help when they hit rock bottom. Jail can be a rude awakening to some.

Get Help for Your Loved One

Families who find one of their own has a problem with prescription drug dependency will need advice and assistance in getting help. The objective has to be full recovery, with the least chance of relapse. We know the best drug rehab programs for prescription drug abuse. We can also help you locate an intervention professional who can help. Call us today!

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