OxyContin is a pain reliever, often taken by people who have no medical requirement for the drug. It is very addictive and results in dependence on the drug much like heroin.

What is the drug OxyContin?

OxyContin is a brand name. The drug is a legal narcotic available by prescription. It comes in pill form as well as in capsule or liquid forms. The tablets are in dosages of 10, 20, 40, 80 and 160 milligrams.

When OxyContin is used per physician directions, it gives relief from pain such as that experienced with back pain, arthritis or cancer. The drug is commonly abused, users getting it without prescription and illegally. The active ingredient is oxycodone which is also found in Percocet and Percodan.

Those who abuse OxyContin take the tablets and crush them and snort the powder, or chew the tablets, or mix the powder with water and inject it. When someone begins abusing it, it becomes harder and harder to achieve the same euphoric feeling from ingesting the drug, therefore higher and higher doses must be taken.

There are different names the drug goes by on the street. These are OC, Oxy, Oxy 80 and OxyCotton.

The Effects of Abusing OxyContin

Although it greatly helps those who have severe pain, OxyContin is extremely bad as an abused drug in today’s society. Consider it a slow-release heroin, and you have the idea. It just takes the body longer to process. Unfortunately, this fact makes it more difficult to withdraw from and leave behind for good.

Some people are allergic to OxyContin and when taken medically will sometimes experience various negative effects from the drug.  This can include fainting, confusion, and even seizures. Those who abuse the drug and crush the tablets and snort the powder are by-passing the time-release factor in the drug, thus making it much stronger. In this way the drug gives the high that is similar to heroin.

All the active ingredients of OxyContin enter the body at one time when the user thwarts the time-release mechanism. This can too easily result in an overdose. When used with other depressant-type drugs, OxyContin can result in death as the respiratory system is heavily depressed. OxyContin should never be mixed with antihistamines, benzodiazepines, alcohol or barbiturates..

Short-term Effects of OxyContin

Some of the short-term side-effects of taking OxyContin are:


Long-term Effects of OxyContin

When using OxyContin on an on-going basis, an increased tolerance occurs and thus the person must get higher doses in trying to get back that original pleasurable high. Taking higher doses is dangerous of course. And the drug is physically addictive when taken over time.

Withdrawal Symptoms of OxyContin

When the OxyContin abuser becomes addicted, he will go into withdrawal without the drug in his system. Withdrawal symptoms include restlessness, insomnia, cold flashes with goose bumps, restless legs, muscle and bone pain and diarrhea and vomiting.

OxyContin Users Often Turn to Heroin

Heroin use has been increasing across the U.S. and part of the reason for this is that OxyContin users are switching from OxyContin to heroin. The main reasons for this switch? OxyContin is difficult to come by, as it requires a prescription to legally obtain it, and costs a lot when buying it on the street (up to $50 for one pill). Heroin is less difficult to come by and costs less.

Both drugs are opiates and both are addictive. Many start on the life of an abuser because they get OxyContin prescribed for some reason – sports-related injuries are common reasons to have a doctor prescribe the drug. However, many carry on taking the drug after the pain is gone. When the doctor won’t prescribe it anymore, they have to take it from street sellers. As stated, it is expensive on the street, so usually the person switches to the less expensive heroin.

OxyContin Addiction Treatment

When an addict cannot stop using OxyContin on his own, he will need help. With his physical dependence, he will need a drug rehab that will address this as well as the emotional or mental dependence. They both exist.

A person coming off OxyContin will need help to get through withdrawal and assistance in dealing with the cravings, because they normally experience strong cravings which can too easily lead to relapse. It is also good to have a thorough detoxification, but not just a fast medical detox. There are detoxification procedures that flush out all the poisonous drug residues that remain in the body. These are the most effective in diminishing cravings, sometime getting rid of them for good.

After addressing the physical aspects, the mental aspects must also be addressed. The person may have to face a lot of stress when they go back to their drug-free life. It helps to get knowledge and tools to use to be able to repair the damaged areas of life. There are drug rehab programs that accomplish this well.

Many drug rehab treatment centers use substitute drugs in getting a person to get off drugs. These drug substitutes such as methadone and Suboxone are also addictive. If you can find an effective drugless program, you will be much better off.

It is important to find the right drug rehab for you and your particular needs. Every person is different. We will discuss your situation with you and find the best drug treatment center for you.

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