OxyContin, the brand name for a narcotic pain reliever, is a drug which is used by a doctor’s prescription as well as used illegally. It is extremely addictive, both psychologically and physiologically. This drug comes in pill, capsule or liquid forms. The active ingredient in the drug is oxycodone, also found in the pain relievers Percodan and Percocet.

When taking this medication for more than a few weeks, a person can develop a physical dependence, meaning that he or she will feel a need to continue to take it. If they try and stop taking OxyContin, they will experience withdrawal symptoms.

When taking OxyContin recreationally, the user will chew the pills, crush the tablets and snort the powder or mix the powder with water and inject into the veins. The high is what the abuser is after, and he will develop a tolerance for the drug and need more and more to get the same euphoric feeling as he did when first starting experiment with the drug.

Not long ago the Food and Drug Administration required a change in formula for OxyContin so that it made the drug more difficult to abuse. The pill form can no longer be crushed or dissolved. But still, an abuser can take it by mouth. The unfortunate result of the change has made many abusers turn to other drugs like heroin.

OxyContin Leading to Even Worse Addictions

Many OxyContin abusers have switched to heroin. With the change in formula for making the drug, it becomes harder to abuse. It is difficult to obtain the drug as a person needs a prescription to get it legally. On the street, it is expensive. Heroin costs less.

The Signs to Watch for Abuse of OxyContin

There are symptoms you can watch for that will indicate OxyContin abuse. The person taking it will become drowsy and possibly nod off. He may get lightheaded, have a dry mouth and his pupils will be constricted.  If he has overdosed, the pupils with dilate. Other symptoms are:

>Low blood pressure

Withdrawal symptoms, when a person is not able to get the next dose, will include:

>Bone pain

The person’s life, when addicted to OxyContin, goes downhill. They will neglect everything in their life except looking for that next pill. They will steal, even from loved ones, to get the money they need to buy the drug. They blame everyone else for their problems. They cannot accept responsibility for their actions.

Treatment for OxyContin Abuse

Although someone addicted to OxyContin believes that the most important thing in his or her life is getting that next fix, really the most important thing is finding effective treatment so he can leave this addiction behind. There really is hope!

There are a lot of treatment programs out there. Some have a very poor recovery rate. Too many feel that once a person is an addict, they are always an addict. This is far from the truth! There are good, workable programs that will give a person addicted to OxyContin a way to truly leave this harmful drug behind and life a drug-free life. There does not have to be relapse, which some drug rehabs say is part of recovery. Again, untrue! Addiction isn’t a disease. It is a physical and mental trap, which can be overcome.

Attempting to quit on their own, addicts find little success. The withdrawal symptoms are too great, and the cravings too demanding. When they have help in dealing with these things, they have much more success. Some drug rehab programs have a very effective way to get through withdrawal that makes it more tolerable. A unique detoxification is also available that will flush toxins from the body, particularly the residues of the drug that can contribute to cravings beginning again, even after coming off a drug. Finding a rehabilitation treatment that does not use Suboxone or methadone is also the best option, because these drugs are addictive and will end up just replacing the OxyContin addiction with another one.

We can assist you or a loved one to come off OxyContin effectively and stay sober. We know the most effective programs out there which can help an addict become drug-free, and get on with a productive life.

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