Many get confused between opioids and opiates. There are a number of different and ambiguous definitions on the World Wide Web. However, if you just consider that opiates are naturally derived from the opium plant and opioids are the synthetic form – that will help differentiate between these two addictive drugs. The terms can be used interchangeably and often are. The National Institutes of Health defines opioids as synthetic drugs which are used as a substitute for an opiate.

Opiates and Opioids

Here is a list of some opiates and opioids without any differentiation:

>Cough medicines (contain opioids)

Buprenorphine is used by some drug rehab programs in addiction recovery. One of its forms is Suboxone. Buprenorphine is a type of opioid. It is also addictive.

Abusing Opioids

Unfortunately, there is a lot of false information circulating among school kids and young adults about the safety of using opioids. These drugs can be abused with horrific effects, and too many youth get hooked and ruin their lives. But those of any age can become addicted. All too often opioids or opiates are combined with other drugs or alcohol, which can create disastrous effects. It is dangerous to start taking opioids, as once addicted, the person is then neglecting everything else except to try and find another pill to stop the intense cravings for more.

Effects of Opiates and Opioids

Both opiates and opioids depress the central nervous system. They are prescribed by doctors to relieve pain. These drugs reduce pain as they numb the person emotionally and physically, and the person taking these won’t feel the sensation of pain, or at least won’t feel it so strongly. However, when abusing opioids or opiates, the side effects of these drugs can be quite devastating.

Abusers usually come to depend on the drug, and if they try to stop it, they experience withdrawal. They can feel confused, drowsy and nauseous. Since those who are abusing these drugs use them in ways that present further risks (such as using with alcohol or other drugs), the dangers increase. Death can come from the slowing of the respiratory system. Death can also come from overdose.

More serious effects include:

>Muscle rigidity

There is no question that abuse of opioids and opiates disrupts the abuser’s life. They lose jobs, have friends desert them, lose their family’s trust and find despair at every step

Withdrawal Symptoms

When addicted to opioids or opiates, a person who can’t get enough to satisfy cravings will begin to go through withdrawal. The symptoms are so bad that the addict will do just about anything to get the next fix. After a bit of time without the drug in their system, they will feel restless and they may vomit, get cold flashes and feel pain in their bones (ironic as opioids are known to be pain relievers). They get diarrhea and can’t sleep.

Treatment for Opioid and Opiate Addiction

Parents and friends of addicts will search and search trying to find the right drug rehab program for their loved one. It is not an easy task. Perhaps they are aware that just using Suboxone in treatment will mean the person will have a new addiction to that drug. Suboxone can be hard to leave behind. But where to find a program that will provide lasting recovery from ALL drugs? They are out there, honestly!

We know the drug rehabs that have the highest success rate, who do not use other drug substitutes to get a person off drugs, and who will stick with the person until he is truly ready to go back home, truly recovered and ready to face life without needing to turn back to opioids or opiates.

An addict may dread withdrawal, because it certainly isn’t pleasant! We can find rehab programs that make the process as comfortable as possible. We don’t feel that addiction is a disease or that a person must relapse on his road to recovery. We know that it is simply a matter of poisons in the body and that cause the person a physical and mental dependency that create horrible effects. It can be overcome!

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