According to Reuters, seventeen people were recently arrested in a large bust on a meth smuggling operation. A large drug ring was transporting Mexican-made meth from Mexico into central Oklahoma. Every week more than 10 pounds of the drug was brought into the U.S. by automobile then sold at a value up to $200,000.

Although the identification of which drug cartel was responsible for the manufacture of this methamphetamine, it was clear that this network was hard at work selling this addictive stimulant to make huge profits. Rural America is experiencing an epidemic of use, with small towns and cities being the target of these drug smugglers.

Earlier undercover officers had purchased drugs from this criminal operation, and finally moved in with Homeland Security and began arresting suspects. Some of those arrested were in the U.S. illegally, and some were legal residents, with ties in Oklahoma. Many of those arrested were involved so they could pay to support their own drug habit.

It is a devastating drug – methamphetamine. It ruins lives and destroys families. Addicts get involved in criminality and violence, and are in danger every minute of ending up jailed, ill or dead.

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