Non 12 Step Rehab Facilities

If you, a loved one, or a friend has not had success with standard rehab programs, you should consider a non 12 step drug rehab couple completing a non 12 step drug rehab programprogram. These programs are reported in many cases as being more effective in providing lasting recovery.

The 12 step programs have an approach that many addicts do not respond well to. For one thing, the 12 steps have the individual believe he is powerless in his addiction, thereby denying any accountability.

Many do not believe in a higher power known as God and often cannot conceive of a higher power being anything else other than God. This makes it difficult to truly do the steps as laid out in the 12 step program.

Additionally, when the 12 step program was originally conceived, it was meant to be support after treatment. Somehow over the years it has turned into treatment and is used extensively in many residential rehab centers.

12 step programs deserve a healthy respect because many people have found lasting sobriety through the program, but for those who don’t feel it’s a good fit for them, there are holistic non 12 step programs.


9 benefits of a non 12 step drug rehab program:

  1. Per many reports, there is a greater chance of success
  2. Does not make the individual feel powerless
  3. Does not make the addict relinquish all accountability to a higher power
  4. Helps the addict to regain control and power over their addiction
  5. Evidence based treatment provides a wide array of treatment options
  6. More scientific as opposed to religious
  7. The focus is on you and finding the right strategy for you
  8. Focus on self-empowerment
  9. Many non 12 step programs have cognitive behavioral therapy which provides coping skills

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Finding an effective drug rehab program

Trying to find an effective drug rehab program is not always the easiest thing in the world. There are so many programs out there (14,500 drug rehabs in the U.S. at the last count) that the prospect of researching them to find the best can be extremely overwhelming.

They can range from intense residential programs over a year long to a few times a week of getting some kind of intensive outpatient counseling. Usually something in between will work just fine!

A drug rehab referral service will provide a lot of help in selecting the right drug rehab facility. Where else can you find someone outside of your family who will be committed to getting you or a loved one the help you need? It is necessary to let the drug rehab referral service know all about your situation, or that of your loved one.

When they have enough information they can get the right rehab center that will have the best chance of providing lasting sobriety. That is what it is all about – a new life without drugs – and with the right life skills taught, a new productive and happy life where drugs are no longer an issue.

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