We are well aware that an addict is wrapped up in his addiction. Those cravings blot out everything else and he only strives to satisfy them, barely coping with anything else. Family is neglected, jobs are not performed properly, and physical illness is common. However, motivating an addict to enter a rehab is not the easiest thing in the world.

If you have a loved one or know a friend who is addicted to drugs or alcohol, preaching at them or trying to scare them into entering a drug rehab is not successful in most cases. In fact, the likelihood is they will turn away and avoid you so they won’t have to listen to your lectures. It is easier for them to just isolate themselves and hunt for that next pill or drink.

Professional intervention can be costly. Added to the already expensive proposition of a drug rehab program, it is not always an option. Why not just appeal to the addict’s sense of rightness? He is a basically good individual. It is the drugs or alcohol that turn him into some kind of monster.

When you tell your loved one that you want them to recover from his addiction, be sure you let your love and care shine through. Do not make him feel wrong in any way. Be sure he is sober when you approach him on these points.

Here are some of the positive results from quitting a drug or alcohol habit:

  • Feeling physically better in general
  • Feeling brighter and more capable
  • Less anxiety
  • Won’t feel so depressed or hopeless about things
  • Can cope with situations in life better
  • Skin will clear up
  • Digestion will improve
  • Appetite will improve
  • The heart will become stronger
  • Family will be happy
  • Will set a better example for children in his or her life
  • No need to lie, steal or cheat anymore
  • Can develop goals for life
  • Can achieve goals in life

Actually there are so many positive results from stopping a drug or alcohol addiction that it would be impossible to list them all. But you get the idea. Start today and get your loved one to enter a drug rehab program. Call us to find the best one possible. 1-800-343-0892