The Fourth of July was likely a true American experience in Montana, with steady American family values at every hand. However, although you can go far into the rural areas of America looking to get away from modern criminality and drug use, it will still be hard to completely escape from marijuana. Even though the entire population of the state is less than a million people (nine American cities have a greater population than the entire state) you still won’t be able to find an area completely unaffected by drugs.

Marijuana use continues to spread throughout Montana and the rest of the country, thanks in no small part to efforts to legalize the drug for “medical” and recreational uses in state after state. Montana legalized medical marijuana in 2004, and usage rates have only continued to rise. Many Montana citizens were already smoking marijuana before the law passed, but the new legal status has opened the floodgates to nearly everyone being able to start using it if they want to.

It is incredibly easy to get a doctor to give you a prescription for medical marijuana use, and that ease has been reflected in the number of Montana citizens now being treated for abusing marijuana. One in ten people that live in the state have admitted to abusing drugs on a monthly basis, and the majority of those are abusing marijuana.

Changing public opinion

In fighting the spread of drug addiction, it’s vital to win the battle of public opinion. If you can’t get everyday Americans to recognize how dangerous and unhealthy drugs really are, then passing laws and making other changes on the national level will do little good. Educating the citizens of Montana is an important part of making sure they can make an informed decision about their health.

This becomes especially hard to do in a climate where false information about drugs is being intentionally spread by pro-drug groups. It’s becoming more and more common for advocacy groups to not only press for legal medical marijuana, but for legal recreational marijuana as well. If these groups get their way, buying weed will be as common as buying a beer. With the number of alcoholics already present across Montana, having more legal drugs is simply a terrible idea.

Getting off of drugs in Montana  

Even if marijuana becomes fully legalized in Montana, it will do nothing to change the fact that it’s an addictive drug that can contribute to lung disease and cancer. With one in ten Montana citizens potentially abusing this drug, help is needed right now to get people off this drug.

Solution to Addiction is here to help do exactly that. With so much confusion over marijuana in our country and so much false information being spread, it’s important to work with experts that can help you get effective drug rehabilitation. Call 1-800-343-0892, and you’ll be able to speak with a specialist that can help you find a drug rehab center in your area. Finding the right center for you is vital, and Solution to Addiction is committed to making it happen.