Large Scale Meth Production in Mexico

According to the New York Times, the Justice Department published a report in 2010 which described how the availability of methamphetamine is “high and increasing.” This is because large-scale production of the drug is occurring in Mexico and the drug is being transported into the United States.

Then in early 2012, the largest seizure ever was accomplished by authorities in Mexico. They found fifteen tons of meth in pure powder form at a ranch near Guadalajara. The profit on the street that could have been raked in was more than $4 billion.

Although reportedly the rate of cocaine abuse is higher than that for meth, there is still about 1% of the population over twelve years of age that use the drug. This is higher than heroin. It is estimated that around 400,000 Americans are meth addicts. Many of these have taken to smoking it, due to the faster high achieved. However, smoking meth also leads to a faster addiction.

Addiction to meth leads to many health problems, such as damage to the vessels in the brain. Heart problems stemming from meth addiction often lead to heart attacks and death. Long-term use can lead to symptoms such as tremors and muscle twitches.  Psychotic behavior is common after long term use. Since meth addiction can do such harm to the body, it is important to deal with addiction, and fast!

Source: New York Times

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