Meth labs produce methamphetamine, a drug that is on the rise in the United States and results in serious addiction. Unfortunately, meth labs can be created in someone’s house or in a garage. The toxic chemicals included in the production of this drug contaminate the premises, but dealers don’t worry about this. When the occasional meth lab blows up and kills people nearby or destroys property, the manufacturers can disappear and go somewhere else to set up business.

Chemicals in Methamphetamine Production

Usually someone just needs to hear what is used to produce meth to realize this drug is something to stay away from. To manufacture the drug, items such as lithium from batteries, a chemical used in brake cleaner, rubbing alcohol and sulfuric acid from drain cleaner are used. Pretty scary, eh?

Although meth labs decreased a few years ago, there has been a resurgence because methods of manufacture became simpler. The method used is called “Shake and Bake,” where soda bottles are used to mix the chemicals. No longer were large amounts of equipment needed to make meth to sell to addicts. Still, the risk of explosion was great including injury and death of both the manufacturer and people nearby.

Unfortunately, people still buy homes where someone earlier was running a meth lab. Although it was claimed that the house was cleaned up, so many toxins got into the floorboards and walls that they could still cause problems for the homeowners

Where does the U.S. get Meth?

Central California has been a center of meth production, but much of it comes from Mexico, Southeast Asia and border countries. The United States has the drug transported in from Canada and Mexico primarily. Local meth labs still operate around the country and increase in numbers.

Production of Meth Around the World

Mexico has become a prime distributor of meth. The drug traffickers have developed what are called Superlabs where huge amounts of the drug are produced. These Superlabs exist both in Mexico and the United States.

Methamphetamine is manufactured in Malaysia, Southeast Asia, Africa and Australia. Although production has dropped in many places, new highs have been seen in the United States. There have been seizures of meth labs in Belgium, China, Bulgaria, Germany, Afghanistan, New Zealand, and many other countries.

The largest problem for United States drug enforcement is that labs are set up close to the area where the drug is distributed, making it harder for authorities to find it in time. If the drug is only traveling a short distance from where it is made to the hands of the user, it makes it more difficult to catch the dealers.

Getting Help for Meth Addiction

Methamphetamine addiction can be treated. It is a tough addiction, but help is possible. There are programs proven to get a person a new life without drugs.

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