What is Marijuana?

Marijuana, a brown, green or gray colored mix of shredded and dried leaves, is from the hemp plant. It goes by various street names like weed, grass, pot and Mary Jane. There is a long list of slang terms for this drug. All marijuana is mind-altering. In other words, it changes the way the brain works. Depending on its strength, it can have different effects.

Marijuana and Addiction

Marijuana (or cannabis) is a very controversial drug. This drug is a street drug which is also recommended for medical use in different states. It is assumed that the drug has therapeutic effects, and is harmless. However, if marijuana were actually harmless, why do people get addicted, suffer from the effects in various ways and need rehab to stop using it? This is what makes it controversial.

The evidence mounts that this drug is addictive as well as that it apparently paves the way to other drug use and abuse. The mental effects of marijuana can be quite severe if used daily or when taking higher dosages. And over the last twenty years or so, the potency of the drug has increased. The American Psychology Association (APA) has stated that marijuana dependence is a very real condition. The fact that many enter rehab due to being addicted also supports the fact of marijuana addiction.

Withdrawal Symptoms

When someone has been using marijuana a lot, they will have a very distinctive pattern of withdrawal symptoms. The person will become irritable, may feel depressed and have insomnia. He or she will certainly crave the drug. Other symptoms include:

>Recurring headaches
>Loss of appetite

Signs of Marijuana Use

With approximately 125 million people using marijuana every year, it is important to be able to tell when a loved one may be taking the drug and opening themselves to addiction or the abuse of other drugs. Unfortunately, more than 860,000 Americans who take the drug are in middle schools or high schools around the country.

No matter what others say, marijuana is indeed addictive and impairs judgment and alertness. A parent can identify the actual drug by noticing the presence of a dry, shredded leafy product or an amber or brown oil (known as hashish). Marijuana often comes in small bags and the oil will come in small bottles containing brown liquid. One form, hash, may come in flat cakes.

The paraphernalia you may find in a marijuana user’s room will be small pipes, or large water pipes called “bongs.” You will find rolling papers or tiny ends of already smoked cigarettes that have been hand-rolled.

The person who uses marijuana will have dilated blood vessels in his or her eyes. The eyes will appear bloodshot due to this. The heart rate is increased as is the appetite. Memory will be impaired and the person will have trouble paying attention to what is going on around them or to what people are saying. They will not be able to solve problems well. The user may feel anxious, fearful or even panicky.

Besides the euphoric feeling that comes with the use of marijuana, if the person is taking a potent form or has consumed a large amount of the drug, he or she can have hallucinations, feel paranoid or become delusional.

Effects of Marijuana

A person using marijuana loses interest in many things. This loss of motivation is one of the most noticeable effects of marijuana use. Student in school have difficulty thinking clearly and will struggle in remembering things. They may have poor coordination. They may often feel like life is just passing them by.

Other effects can include:

>Inability to concentrate
>Loss of ambition
>Distorted perceptions

Those who use marijuana heavily have been reported to lose jobs and have accidents. Minor problems to them may become major problems. Those that use heavily may also turn to those like-minded people as friends, and often become involved in using other even more dangerous drugs.

Some long-term effects:

>Lung damage
>Lowered fertility
>Immune system malfunctioning
>Increased risk of heart attack

Drug Rehab for Marijuana

Surprisingly, or not so surprisingly, most of the people that enter rehab, enter into treatment for the use of marijuana. People entering rehab for marijuana outnumber those who enter for other drugs, including heroin and crack cocaine. And it has been shown that those who enter into treatment for the drug have a much better chance of lasting recovery. Staying away from the drug after treatment does not work so well unless an effective drug rehab is done.

When almost half of marijuana users today are under 21 years of age, it is very important to find a rehab that will give the person the tools he needs to live a happy and productive life – one where he or she is interested in life again and can make and achieve goals.

Just like addiction to any drug, marijuana requires a drug addiction rehab that addresses all aspects of addiction – physical and mental. There are drug rehab facilities that are extremely workable in achieving lasting recovery from marijuana abuse. At no charge to you, we will help you find the right one!

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