Magic Mushrooms

Magic Mushrooms are mushrooms which contain a hallucinogen called psilocybin. These mushrooms come from areas in South America, Mexico, India, Malaysia and Indonesia. They can also be found in the southern United States. This drug, along with LSD and mescaline, became very popular in the 1960s, with many experimenting with the effects. Many had what are called “bad trips” on this drug.

The Bad Effects of Magic Mushrooms

When a person takes these mushrooms to experience hallucinogenic effects, he often mixes them with food, brews them in a tea or eats them. They have a bitter taste, so some people coat them with chocolate. After consumed, in about thirty minutes the effects will begin.

This drug plays havoc with a person’s perceptions. Colors change, sounds become different and light takes on new shapes. The surfaces of objects may seem to move about. Trails can sometimes be seen trailing after moving objects. Physically the user may feel nauseous or have a weakness of the muscles. The effects can last from three to eight hours. Because of the altered perceptions, these drugs were named “magic mushrooms,” because they gave the user the impression he was gaining some special insight.

Long-range Effects from Taking Hallucinogens

The use of Magic Mushrooms presents great risks. There is the chance that the person will come to accept hallucinations as reality, can be injured and have a mind-altering experience that causes great stress. A tolerance can develop which means that the person will take more to achieve a similar effect as he or she had the first time. Although a person cannot become physically addicted, he can become psychologically addicted.

Some researchers have tested these hallucinogenic drugs as a treatment for mental problems. This is extremely risky, particularly due to the harmful effects as listed above. The toxic effects can also have aftereffects, such as flashbacks, which can occur even years after using the drug.

Leaving Magic Mushrooms Behind

Anyone searching for answers in their lives would not be smart to try a drug to provide the way to truth. The results are much too unpredictable. And it is delusion, not reality, which results from the use of Magic Mushrooms. Personal insight is not a thing that can be delivered in this way. There is no “short-cut” to improvement in oneself.

There is an answer when someone has become psychologically addicted to Magic Mushrooms. We can find a drug rehab program that can turn a life around, as well as give tools to use in life so self-improvement is much more effective.

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