Intervention can Save an Addict’s Life

Perhaps down deep an addict knows that he is stuck in a horrible trap. However, he or she is often not ready to admit he needs help. The cravings drive their life, creating an intense need for the drug of choice. Everything takes a back seat to the cravings. Even pleas from family members to do something about the addiction fall on deaf ears.

The Drug of Choice Runs the Life of an Addict

Family must realize that the person they love is not himself anymore. They are talking to someone overwhelmed with addiction. The addict has lost all sense of integrity and self-respect. He has stopped taking responsibility for anything at all. In fact, to him the fault lies with everyone else. To ask for help is to admit “wrongness” and he can’t do that at this point.

However, to wait until he comes to his senses is extremely dangerous. A prison sentence or death can happen before he asks for help. It takes more than just the family pleading and begging or even threatening. Yes, sometimes threats work, but it can be much more effective to get a professional interventionist to assist.

The Intervention Must be Done Right

Some families think they can mimic a television show and conduct their own intervention with success. However, this can be risky. There is a chance that they do things incorrectly and hurt their chances of another intervention if this one doesn’t work. Giving ultimatums to an addict to get him to agree to go into rehab then not carrying through can destroy any credibility of the family trying to help. It is also important for the family to have support through the entire process.

Find an Effective Interventionist

Finding an effective interventionist is not always easy. Some are extremely good at what they do, others can be weak and not achieve the objective. There are some interventionists who have risked their lives, crawling through windows at crack houses to pull out a loved one. You want someone who has a lot of experience and will also help the family through the process, alleviating much of the stress.

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