Not all inpatient drug treatment centers are alike. However, the overall objective of residential centers is lasting recovery from addiction. Living on-site is beneficial in many ways. Professional care and advice by trained staff helps to encourage a participant to continue on with the program until done. Living in a dorm-like setting brings the person into contact with others who are going through similar changes. Staying away from the factors in their addictive lifestyle that possibly contributed to them doing drugs can be essential.

Length of Stay in Inpatient Drug Rehab Programs

The time it takes to complete an inpatient program can vary. Some programs have set times such as 30 or 90 days. Others will keep the person until he or she is ready to re-enter day-to-day life. And some charge for extra time and some, at one price, will allow the person to stay until he is done, even if it is a year or more.

Selecting an Inpatient Program

In selecting the right inpatient drug rehab, a person must look at all factors. You would want to see what the cost would be and if they take insurance. The success rate at lasting sobriety is important, but not many centers know the true figures. Some do – and will be happy to tell you. It is shocking sometimes the low success rate. Others cannot say because the recovering addict will be referred to other programs afterwards in hopes they can stay sober.

Other factors to consider with inpatient programs:

What are staff qualifications?
Does the center have proper credentials?
Do they consider “an addict is always an addict?” (This skewered view accepts addiction as a “disease”)
Is there follow-up to ensure success? (Not simply referring elsewhere but personal follow up on the general program just completed)

Medial Staff and Care

One important aspect of recovering from drug or alcohol addiction is medical care while moving through the recovery process. Physicians and nurses should be available 24/7 so the entire rehab treatment is safe and effective. Any medical situation can be dealt with promptly. Proper accreditation of the medical staff is a must.

Choosing the right inpatient rehabilitation center can be a challenge. Most who are searching don’t know what to look for. There are many points that aren’t so simple to find out. Drug rehab referral services know what one particular addict can use as far as treatment and which centers provide that. Call us today.

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