Hydrocodone is an opioid, a pain reliever basically. It is usually only available in a combination with other ingredients. These products are used to relieve pain and some are prescribed to reduce coughing. Derived from codeine and thebaine, hydrocodone is a synthetic drug which can be very addictive.

The brand names for hydrocodone are Lortab, Norco, Lorcet and Vicodin. The drug works well to help those suffering with pain of varying intensity, so is prescribed often. However, since it is addictive, many become hooked on the drug and can’t quit taking it on their own.

Although this drug is prescribed as a pain-killer, it doesn’t actually reduce pain in the user. It simply affects the brain so that the person doesn’t respond to the pain normally. It is the Ibuprofen that is better in reducing pain as it reduces swelling and inflammation. With an opiate such as hydrocodone, the pain is dulled but still exists.

Symptoms of Addiction to Hydrocodone

There are things to look for to see if a loved one is addicted and thus get them help. They will usually take more of the drug than what has been prescribed, even stashing extra pills, hoarding their supply or stealing. They may buy more pills from dealers on the street. Sometimes an addict will hurt himself and go to a doctor to get a prescription. When they take a large dose, they may be drowsy or fall asleep. They get withdrawal symptoms if not able to get more of the drug.

Withdrawal Symptoms of Hydrocodone

A person coming off of hydrocodone will face a number of symptoms, all similar to the flu. They may have an upset stomach and have chills and sweats. They will feel anxiety too, and have tremors. Their pupils may be dilated.

Effects of Hydrocodone Addiction

Side effects from taking hydrocodone exist whether or not someone is addicted. However, with those abusing the drug, the chances of overdose are high, especially since they may take larger and larger doses to feel the same effects.

Some side effects include getting nervous or feeling anxiety or dizziness. The person may have heartburn, sweating and chills or a dry mouth. They may not eat very much and have trouble sleeping.

Recovery from Hydrocodone Addiction

Although it may be difficult and uncomfortable, it really is possible to kick the habit and get your life back. In fact, you can find rehab facilities that make withdrawal as comfortable as possible with careful monitoring by professional staff. We can help you find a drug rehab that will truly give you the chance at lasting recovery, with the least possible chance of relapse. Call us today. At no charge to you, we’ll help you find a drug rehab right for you.

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