Recently a drug task force made a huge drug bust in Vancouver, Washington, recording it as the largest ever methamphetamine bust in Clark County Washington. The street value of the meth seized totaled over $932,000. The apartment where this took place was known as a safe house for drug traffickers and was under investigation for a while before the arrests took place.

The traffickers operating here were based in Mexico, and these criminals were transporting huge amounts of meth through California to Portland and Vancouver, via Interstate 5. I-5 is a major corridor for drugs to travel up the Western US coast.

Fox 12 News reported that the owners of the apartments where all this was going on had done inspections of the property and did not notice anything out of the ordinary. Although those arrested didn’t live there, the person who leased the apartment must have been involved in the operation. They kept a low profile, as even security in the area did not see any particularly suspicious traffic.

There were a total of six locations that were addressed by Drug Enforcement officials and police. Besides methamphetamine, weapons were also confiscated, some stolen property. This shows once again how drug abuse and violence can be connected.