People asking this question are of two kinds – parents who wish to find out the answer as they suspect a child is abusing cocaine and they want to do a drug test on him or her, and someone using cocaine and finding out they are going to be drug tested. We can only hope that the latter will re-consider their use of coke and get through a rehab and get totally clean – and staying that way.

Variables in How Long Cocaine Will Stay in Your System
It is difficult to determine how long cocaine may remain in a person’s body and still be able to be found upon drug testing. There are a number of variables, including the type of test, the individual’s weight, age, health and other factors. Some tests will show it only if it has been ingested in the past 24 hours. Other tests will show traces for up to three months.

The Timetable for How Long Cocaine Remains in the System

You may ask, “How long does cocaine stay in your system if you use it heavily and daily?” This would, again, be hard to work out. Those who use large amounts of the drug will have higher concentrations and the residues will last longer and can show up readily on some tests. Habitual users will have traces remain in their system for much longer than those who don’t use the drug as much.

Here is a general timetable for four different tests:

  • Urine Test – cocaine can be detected from two to thirty days
  • Blood Test – will show cocaine in the system for twenty-four hours after using
  • Saliva Test – cocaine can be detected from one to ten days after use
  • Hair – with a hair follicle test, the drug can be found within the body up to three months later after using the drug

What is Being Detected in the System During a Test

It is not exactly the cocaine itself that is being found in a drug test. There is a component of the drug which does not get used up by the body when the drug is metabolized. This component in cocaine is beonzoylecgonine. This is called a metabolite and shows up in the tests run for drug use.

When parents wish to conduct drug tests on their children to check for illicit drug use, they should ensure the tests are done at very random times. They should also be very careful to watch that their child isn’t smuggling in a bag of clean urine to use in a urine test. Street-wise and not-so-street-wise kids have learned where to purchase these bags in order to fool the urine tests.

Finding help in leaving cocaine behind is only a phone call away. Call Solution to Addiction even if you only have questions about a loved one having signs of doing cocaine. We will help.