Hashish is a sticky, reddish-brown substance that comes from the cannabis plant. The resinous material from the plant is collected and dried and made into various forms, like cakes, balls or sheets. It is classified as a Schedule I drug by the Federal government. Although not usually physically addictive like other drugs, hashish can be psychologically addictive. Many do indeed enter rehab for hashish and marijuana use.

Using Hashish and Searching for Euphoria

Hashish can be smoked by breaking off some pieces and placing them in a pipe. It can also be added to food, like baked in brownies. When smoking hashish, the effects are commonly a feeling of well-being and elation. Altered perception of distance and time can occur. The euphoria usually peaks in about ten to thirty minutes. Residual effects can last a few hours longer.

Short-term Adverse Effects of Hashish

Like marijuana, hashish is known to adversely affect balance, speech and thinking. The person can seem uncoordinated and thus driving performance is impaired. Users may experience anxiety or even a panicky feeling. Other effects are:

>Dry mouth
>Rapid heartbeat
>Loss of appetite
>Hallucinations (usually with higher doses)

When Consumed in Excess

When hashish is consumed in excess, there are a number of negative effects that affect a person in life. Hypertension can result and loss of memory. The hair and nails can become weak and teeth can be lost.

Long-term Effects of Hashish

A person who uses hashish for a long time may be in for some real physical problems. These include:

>Learning disabilities
>Lack of motivation
>Loss of fertility
>Decreased immunity
>Lung cancer

Life Effects

Besides just the physical effects, lack of motivation results and this affects life and living adversely. Before taking hashish, a person may have dreams or goals in life that he or she is working towards. These seem to lose their meaning and life becomes a dull and bleak existence. It is much better to live life with a “natural high” than to seek other means of feeling better. Getting¬†treatment may be the solution to get rid of any psychological or even physical addiction to hashish.

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