Finding lasting recovery is indeed possible. Far too many addicts have gone through rehab program after rehab program only to relapse. It makes it imperative to find a drug treatment center that has the tools necessary to achieve a truly drug-free life. The objective is to get an addict away from drugs with hopefully no cravings that can lead to drug use again. Rehabilitation is the key.

What does rehabilitate mean? According to Merriam-Webster it means to restore someone or something to a former capacity, or good repute. It means to re-establish the good name of someone or something, or to a former state. It also means to bring back to a condition of health or constructive activity.

All these definitions seem to cover the rehabilitation of a drug addict. But how many programs truly achieve this? Restoring a person’s values, integrity and honesty takes a lot more than talk. An individual needs real and workable tools he or she can use to turn their lives around. An addict who walks in off the street, so to speak, doesn’t often have communication abilities that allow them to really get deep down and discuss their innermost feelings. Their ability to make intelligent judgments regarding their past actions is not in great shape.

Rehabilitation that accomplishes true recovery is what is needed. First and foremost is getting the individual off of drugs, and secondly, getting his or her body cleared out of toxins and poisons that remain in the tissues. Just like residues of hallucinogens can lodge in the body after use, so do other drugs. They can be involved in sparking those dreaded drug cravings.

Once the recovering person is free of these toxins and the body and mind are clearer, the participant can learn the life skills needed to be able to maintain a drug-free life. A drug rehab program should address ALL aspects of addiction.

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