When a loved one is addicted to drugs or alcohol, you know it is vital to get him (or her) into treatment. The addict may not yet have confronted the fact he needs help. Unfortunately, this denial can end in tragedy. You just can’t wait until the person reaches “rock bottom” (as some people say) because that rock bottom might be “dead.”

Excuses On and On

Perhaps your loved one has been confronted at one time or another with his addiction and the need for help. He may have said that he would go into rehab to please you. But when the time came to find a place, the avalanche of excuses began.

Those excuses will never stop, not as long as they stop you from getting him into treatment. Here are some you may hear:

  • That place is the pits. I’m not going there.
  • I can’t be far away from home and there is nothing good here in town
  • I don’t want to be away from my family.
  • You guys are just trying to get rid of me.
  • I can do it on my own. I don’t want you to spend any money on me.

There are many more! And it will always be something. The person might get almost to the point of going into detox or a 30-day program, but at the last minute disappears or finds some other excuse and refuses to go.

Time for Intervention

Although it is true that some addicts do come to the realization they must do something to save themselves, it is not smart to wait for the person to realize he needs help. That is like having a fire in your fireplace with the flue closed and flames licking close to some drapes in your living room. Are you going to just assume the fire will burn down before setting fire to your home? No! You will take some action to put the fire out and keep your home safe. You have to do the same with the fire burning inside the addict.

By taking action right away, when you have found your son, daughter, father, mother or other friend or relative is addicted, you very well might be saving their life. There is absolutely NO excuse they can make that makes it okay for them to continue to drink or take a drug. It is going to destroy their life, whether they realize it or not.

There is NO benefit at all to drinking an excess of alcohol or taking illegal drugs or abusing prescribed drugs. Think about it. Even if the person thinks it makes them feel good, it is an illusion. It is misaligning normal body chemistry to make the person think they feel good. And the harm they do FAR outweighs the little temporary high the person gets.

Yes, it is time for intervention. But should you do it or should you hire a professional?

Professional Intervention or a Do-It-Yourself Intervention?

Call Solution to Addiction to make the determination whether or not to try an intervention on your own. We can send you links to information so you learn to do an intervention correctly if you are going to do one yourself. You must realize that if you do one incorrectly, you can worsen the situation and make it nearly impossible to do an intervention again, even with a professional.

We are happy to help. We want to see as many addicts get effective treatment as possible and without proper intervention, a chance can be lost. Call us at 800-343-0892.