Exercise Helps with Addiction Recovery

For those trying to overcome an addiction problem, exercise can be extremely beneficial. In addition to good nutrition, exercise can contribute to building up the body as well as clearing the mind. When in a drug rehab center, it is important to find one where you won’t be sitting around all day. Many do have fitness centers and some drug rehab programs even have a trainer to assist in working out the best routine for an individual. Outdoor exercises are even better than indoor work-outs. There is nothing better than getting outside and soaking up some vitamin D. Breathing in fresh air definitely can relax the mind and body. But no matter what sort of physical activity is done, exercise of any kind provides numerous benefits to a recovering addict.

Improving Your Self-Image

When someone has been using drugs long-term, he (or she) often finds that their self-image has suffered quite heavily. Drug use can drastically affect the physical condition of the person, particularly the use of methamphetamine in its destruction of the teeth and skin. An addict will often lose a lot of weight. He doesn’t eat properly or sleep well. So when the addict looks in the mirror, they seldom like what they see.
Getting the body back in shape helps transform one’s self-image. The body becomes stronger and carries the right weight. The person can also find he is having fun, and without getting high. This strengthens the resolve to stay clean. A recovering addict will begin to look better and when he looks better he will feel better! Confidence will soar. Even his perspective on life can change.

Emotional Issues Easier to Deal With

An addict will feel guilt, depression, anxiety and fear as they enter recovery. When they begin an exercise routine and get those endorphins (“feel-good” chemicals in the brain) flowing, this is a wonderful booster of mood. Getting a more positive view on life through exercise and healthy living is important to recovery. It can affect the person’s entire future success in life!

Health Benefits of Exercise

Everywhere you look – on health websites, in advertisements and on television – people promote a healthy life through exercise. Doctors encourage exercise as a way to prevent many diseases, such as high blood pressure, heart issues, high bad cholesterol and obesity-related diseases. Making it a part of a healthy lifestyle will not only give a recovering addict a new option for having fun, but avoid other physical problems later in life. Exercise doesn’t have to just consist of running on a treadmill or jogging around a lake. It can be so many other things, from playing golf or on a volleyball league to swimming the English Channel or climbing Mount Everest.
A good drug rehab program will provide some way to exercise. And as the person recovering from addiction gains more self-confidence, gets healthier and happier, addiction truly can be a thing of the past.