Exercise is a beneficial way to work to overcome addiction. This is clear when many drug rehab programs offer various forms of exercise to be performed while in recovery. Exercise is good because it builds up the body, makes the person feel better and helps clear the mind of all the stress and worry that can accompany rehabilitation. No matter the type of exercise, physical activity has many benefits to help someone through a drug or alcohol rehab program.

Getting into Shape Helps the Self-Image

Anyone who has taken drugs or alcohol long-term is certainly aware of the negative effects it has on the body. Appearance suffers drastically in many cases. Meth will rot out the teeth, heroin destroys health and alcohol poisons the system. An addict seldom takes good care of himself, not eating nutritious foods or eating very little. Self-image deteriorates right along with health.

When a person exercises, the body builds muscle, blood flows better and nourishes the organs. The person gets stronger and his happiness seems to increase along with his strength. When he looks in the mirror, he is a bit prouder of his looks and will feel more confident and at ease. This only supports his new sobriety.

Get Those Endorphins Produced

Endorphins are those chemicals in the brain that make us feel good. Natural endorphins are the object here, not false chemicals produced by drugs. Natural endorphins can come about through exercise. The mood can be boosted and the recovering addict may just feel that depression, anxiety and guilt melt away. Getting a boost in positive feelings definitely helps in recovery.

The General Health Benefits from Exercise

Doctors tell patients every day how good exercise is for them. So many diseases can be prevented by living a healthy life, which includes good nutrition and exercise. Losing weight is just one benefit. Heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes and many other health issues can be avoided by taking part in a regular exercise program. The body is so broken down by drug or alcohol use that it is best to do whatever possible to avoid serious issues with health.

There are many different types of exercise to enjoy. Running on a treadmill might be too boring. Some great exercise is swimming, jogging, playing volleyball or tennis. There is no end to the types of exercise someone can do. It is getting out and getting the body really moving that is important. Our bodies are made for action! Use the body to overcome addiction. We can help you find a drug rehab program which includes healthy exercise!