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El Paso Texas is right in the heart of the far western part of Texas on the famous Rio Grande. The city has a population of around 651,800. Right on the border with Mexico, the drug problem here is quite extensive. Illicit drugs enter the United States via El Paso and then are distributed northward to the larger Texas cities. But enough stop right in El Paso to make a dangerous environment, with drug-related crime and violence.

The five top drug threats in El Paso are marijuana, cocaine, heroin, methamphetamine and illegal prescription drugs, in that order. In 2009, drug enforcement officials in South Texas seized more than 360,000 kg of marijuana, more than 3,500 kgs of cocaine and 224 kgs of meth as well as 50 kg of heroin.

There are about 893 people incarcerated in El Paso, with 39 in other types of correction facilities. There are 167 people in halfway homes or hospitals for drug or alcohol abuse.

There are six rehab centers in El Paso Texas. El Paso rehab is definitely needed to treat anyone addicted, either to drugs, alcohol or both. Addiction is a very difficult thing to deal with unless rehab centers in El Paso Texas address all aspects of addiction.

Drug Rehab Centers in El Paso Texas:

  • Aliviane Inc.
  • Alternative Center for Behavioral Health
  • El Paso Methadone Maintenance and Detoxification Treatment Center Inc.
  • New Beginnings Outpatient Services
  • Homeward Bound
  • Tigua Indian Reservation Sur Pueblo Substance Abuse Program

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