Taking meth results in all sorts of problems, and the momentary high is not worth the harm that can be done to the person using it, nor is it worth the heartbreak of families and friends when a loved one becomes addicted. The community suffers as well, because there are a lot of negative effects when meth is available or being used and abused by those living in that community.

Even occasional use of methamphetamine can result in quite a bit of trouble for the user, even resulting in death from one dose. When someone has begun using meth chronically, the harms done to everyone concerned can be quite devastating. For those that are addicted, that search for the next high causes them to lose sight of all the problems they face in the present. It can be vital for the family to get intervention when necessary so the person’s life can be saved.

General Information about the Effects of Meth Use

Methamphetamine is an extremely strong stimulant which, when taken, causes the release of a chemical into the brain. This chemical is called a neurotransmitter, and when released, it creates a feeling of pleasure. However, this feeling is created artificially, and comes about from a poison taken into the body – the methamphetamine.

People take methamphetamine so they can feel euphoric. It wakes them up and apparently increases alertness, but at the same time they are not completely aware of things around them. This is evidenced by the effects of driving under the influence of meth. The drivers who are on methamphetamine present many risks to other drivers and pedestrians. They usually go too fast and are impatient and inattentive. Some of these also are meth withdrawal symptoms.

The meth user will get overheated and sweat a lot even though it may not be hot or he may not have exerted himself. His pupils will be dilated and his blood pressure may soar. The caustic chemicals made in manufacturing meth are very hard on the body. The lifestyle of a meth user also results in further damage to the body and he or she can end up ill or dead.

Someone who tries meth can get easily locked into the habit. They may not be able to feel any pleasure unless they use meth, and this can also result in addiction because they start to use more and more to find that high. The downward spiral has begun at that point.

The Short Term Effects of Meth Abuse

Although the meth user is looking for that momentary high, when they use meth for a short while, the risks are great and the user’s health can suffer. When using meth for only a short while, these effects can occur:

> Irregular heartbeat
> High blood pressure
> High internal body temperature
> Brain cell death
> Convulsions

A person using meth will lose their appetite and thus lose weight. Sores appear on the skin, on both the face and body. Their judgment is impaired and they will take risky actions, potentially resulting in physical harm. They are so energetic that they tend not to sleep for long periods of time, sometimes several days. He or she will be nervous or anxious, talkative and possibly confused.

The families and friends of meth users notice that the person is not acting as he normally does. His entire personality can seem to have changed. If children are around someone using meth, they are at risk. Some meth users have left children unsupervised while they go out and search for their next fix.

The Long Term Effects of Methamphetamine Abuse

When someone is addicted to meth, the trouble really escalates. Chronic use leads to serious health consequences. Meth is about the worst of all illicit drugs for having bad effects on the mind and body. Some of the consequences of meth addiction are:

The Long Term Effects of Methamphetamine Abuse

When someone is addicted to meth, the trouble really escalates. Chronic use leads to serious health consequences. Meth is about the worst of all illicit drugs for having bad effects on the mind and body. Some of the consequences of meth addiction are:

> Malnutrition
> Trouble with motor activities of the body (can lead to Parkinson’s Disease)
> Aggressive and antagonistic behavior
> Greater chance of stroke
> Memory problems
> Skin infections (for those who use IVs for meth intake)
> Meth mouth
> Cardiovascular collapse
> Death

Meth mouth is a condition where all the teeth become rotten and have to be removed. Not only do meth addicts neglect personal hygiene, but they also have the enamel on their teeth erode due to the acidic substance of meth.

A meth addict will often behave psychotically, such as feeling like he is being followed or that someone is spying on him. Those who use meth heavily can hallucinate. The user can feel homicidal or suicidal. Not a pleasant existence! But one for which there is a solution.

Can You Recover from Meth Addiction?

Although the drug can permanently damage the brain functions, a person CAN recover over time, particularly if they find an effective drug rehab that addresses key elements of addiction both physically and mentally. This is the important aspect of lasting recovery, having assistance that is known to be successful to recover from meth addiction.

Someone who is addicted should quickly get help. They need to find a drug rehab that has been successful in getting other meth addicts off the drug and achieving lasting recovery. The pace of recovery may take time, but with help the addict can reach his goal – to be truly drug-free.

Addicts will commonly reject any help offered. They avoid people who try and get them off meth. The only way to really make a difference when this is the case is to find someone who will do an intervention with the addicted person. In this way, they can effectively be convinced that they need to do rehab and get off methamphetamine.

Finding Help for Meth Addiction

Meth addiction is a tough one, but it is treatable. You want an effective, intensive and comprehensive Meth addiction treatment program that can meet all the challenges of withdrawal, detoxification and preparing the recovering addict for re-entry into society. You want an accredited program that will do everything possible to prevent relapse.

You can call Solution to Addiction and we will help you find the most effective drug rehab for you or your loved one. We are committed to getting a meth addict off the drug and able to live a productive and happy life once again. Lasting recovery is possible. We will help find the right intervention for you, too, if needed. It does not matter where you are located in the United States. We are here for you. Call us at 1-800-343-0892 today!