Withdrawal – the First Step in Lasting Recovery

Withdrawal from drugs and alcohol is not always easy. Many have tried and many have failed. It is true: some can just quit cold turkey. However, the ability to do so depends on a number of factors. Successfully withdrawing from long-term drug or alcohol abuse is the most difficult to go alone, and can even be dangerous.

The effects of drug withdrawal can be quite intense, with anxiety, irritability, sweating and nausea not to mention the more serious symptoms like hallucinations, heart attacks or seizures. Withdrawal from alcohol and tranquilizers can produce some of the most dangerous symptoms and it is best to get some expert assistance to be able to make it effectively.

Symptoms experienced when trying to come off opioids (like oxycontin), cocaine, crystal meth and heroin are the stuff of horror stories. Even marijuana can present problems.

Cravings Run the Life of an Addict

Others find it difficult to understand what an addict goes through in dealing with the daily cravings experienced. Non-addicts feel that an addicted person should just quit when he promises to do so. However, just stopping cold turkey is not possible in most cases.

The desire to use drugs and alcohol once addicted is extremely intense. The addict feels that his or her life depends on getting that next pill or drink. They become a completely different person than they were before addiction took over. The addict will say or do just about anything to obtain that next fix or drink.

Making Withdrawal More Comfortable

Drug and alcohol withdrawal require an effective program that addresses the difficulties and discomforts of the process. The most effective program would provide nutritional support to replace the poor nutrition generally found in an addictive lifestyle. When essential nutrients are missing, someone attempting withdrawal will have a difficult time.

Withdrawal should also be made more comfortable by having dedicated and trained people who will provide around-the-clock care if needed. Sometimes a medically based drug-assisted withdrawal program is necessary. Some types of drugs and alcohol require close medical supervision for safe treatment. If handled otherwise, the results could be deadly.

Find the Effective Withdrawal Program

Finding an effective program that makes withdrawal more tolerable is not always an easy matter. But you can find the right program so you or a loved one can withdraw fully from the drug or drugs of choice, safely and comfortably.

However, just withdrawing from drugs or alcohol is not going to assure lasting sobriety. A complete and thorough detoxification is needed as well. Additionally, the recovering addict must learn or rebuild certain life skills. He must learn how to repair the life he left behind as an addict, restoring his integrity and rebuilding the trust of his family and friends. He must learn how to live life without the need to turn to drugs or alcohol ever again.

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