Learning How to Maintain a Drug-free Life

When physical aspects of addiction have been addressed by an effective withdrawal and detoxification, it is time to take a look at the emotional aspects of recovery. When an addict goes back home after a drug rehab, he needs to be fortified with tools and a workable knowledge of how to deal with the many twists and turns that life will throw at him. He must learn to live without the need to turn again to substance abuse. There is a solution.

Emotional Recovery is Vital

Besides recovering from addiction physically, emotional recovery is also important. A person who has lived an addicted lifestyle has done a lot of damage to his or her life. It is common for a recovering addict to feel upset, anxious and depressed about the things he did during the time he was addicted.

An effective drug rehab program will address these emotional aspects, and without denigrating the person, his beliefs or his personal views of life. He or she can learn how to repair damaged family relationships and situations in life that have gone south. He can restore his personal integrity. He can repair damaged relationships. This goes a long way in preventing relapse.

Effective Treatment Means Treating the Whole Person

A holistic rehab program will approach recovery from many angles. Physical recovery includes withdrawal and detoxification. Emotional recovery should enable a recovering addict to go back into society a productive and happy individual, drug-free and able to achieve his or her dreams of a fulfilling future. Although many rehab programs state that once someone is an addict, he will always be an addict, this is far from the truth. An individual who has become addicted to drugs or alcohol CAN find lasting sobriety.

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