Not long ago Reuters reported that police found a drug smuggling tunnel that ran between Mexico and Arizona, fifty-five feet underground beneath the border. Three were arrested in relation to this tunnel and drug trafficking. The tunnel itself is the length of two football fields and ran from an ice plant in San Luis Rio Colorado in Mexico to a building in San Luis, Arizona.

This illegal passageway was six feet in height, allowing people to pass fairly easily and bring illicit drugs into the United States. It had lighting and ventilation and allowed criminals to engage in indiscriminate trafficking without getting caught. However, now they have been found out and this illegal drug smuggling can be stopped. At least here in this spot.

In the past, at least eighty-nine border-breaching tunnels have been discovered in Arizona alone. Another fifty were reported found in California. This is per figures from the Drug Enforcement Agency.

Drug Enforcement officials had been keeping watch on the building in San Luis as suspicious activity was on-going, and finally after stopping a vehicle carrying thirty-nine pounds of methamphetamine, they traced the activities to this tunnel.

Mexican cartels will stop at nothing to get drugs into the U.S. so they can strengthen their cash flow. In striving for more ways to avoid capture, they have begun boring tunnels and even transporting drugs in underwater subs.