With the abuse of prescription drugs rising increasingly in the U.S., the need for treatment has proportionately risen. The goal of drug rehab is ultimately long-term recovery with no relapse. However, it has been found that the use of drug replacement therapy has not worked as it was meant to.

National media has shown that more and more drug rehab centers are relying on replacement drug treatment as a way to get people off of their drug of choice. However, CBS and USA Today have each reported dangers of new dependencies resulting from replacing one drug for another. The use of Suboxone and methadone is supposed to work by providing a different form of opiate, which actually only suppress the cravings of the original drug.

Prescription Drug Abuse Rises

Prescription drug abuse is reportedly gaining in popularity, even surpassing the use of marijuana. Dependency on prescription drugs ruins lives and brings our society down to new lows. Our culture is so drug-oriented that too many feel there couldn’t possibly be any danger in using drugs, whether it is legal use or illegal use. The stresses of our current society lead many to turn to drugs to avoid the problems that face them every day.

When searching for full and lasting recovery from addiction to opiates, a person who takes methadone or Suboxone to mask the withdrawal symptoms is trading one addiction for another. These drugs are addictive and may be harder to withdraw from than the drug of choice. Blocking the cravings is the outcome of these substitute drugs, and how long will that last? As long as the person is taking the drug substitute.

Treating the Basis of Addiction

Just blocking cravings does not treat the basis of addiction. Each person has their own reason for beginning their drug use, and each person must be treated individually so they can get off the drug and stay off. There are drug rehabs that use no other drugs in treatment, and they find the success rate in staying off all drugs with lasting recovery is greater. In fact, drugless withdrawal can be made more tolerable a number of ways.

Part of what makes withdrawal so painful is the fact of poor nutrition over a long period of time. The body finds it difficult to stand up to the stresses of withdrawal when it is depleted of vitamins and minerals. Nutritional supplements in the right proportion go a long way to make withdrawal more tolerable.

Traditional drug rehabs have a high dropout rate when addicts find the withdrawal too painful to confront. Reports state that as many as fifty percent of those in inpatient centers and as many as seventy percent of those in outpatient centers will leave before the program is complete. This is not true of ALL drug rehabs. Alternative methods have found much more success.

Suboxone and Methadone in Treatment

Suboxone is addictive. Many (up to eighty-seven percent) have said that they would experience withdrawal symptoms if they stopped taking it or missed a dose. Another downside to this drug substitute is that doctors will continue to prescribe it long-term, meaning now instead of an illegal drug the person is addicted to, he or she is now addicted to a legal drug. And drugs are poisons. It can’t possibly be good for a person to be addicted to ANY drug.

Although the idea is to taper a person off Suboxone, the successful recovery of an addict and leaving behind all drugs is not really accomplished. Suboxone is also an abused drug, leading to new problems. Again, it is only successful to get a dependency addressed individually with proven methods of recovery without using more drugs. Even the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration admits that Suboxone does not work to eliminate addiction.

Methadone is basically the same thing, not a reliable solution to addiction. The dangers of this drug are becoming more and more known. It has been found to be heavily abused and has resulted in many deaths. The National Drug Intelligence Center conducted tests and found that between 1999 and 2004, methadone-related deaths increased a horrible 390 percent.

When abused, methadone is extremely dangerous as it is not monitored and the abuser has to figure out how much to take so it won’t kill them. As the person develops a tolerance, they will take more and more to achieve any kind of high. This makes overdose too common.

An effective drug rehab that ultimately achieves true sobriety is what is needed. We can find you the right drug rehab that will help you or a loved one get free of the trap of addiction and get back their life, their family, their dreams for the future.

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