Washington – Paving the Way for More Drug Use

Drug legalization has been a hot button issue in the media over the past several months. Our country has a significant drug problem, and it often feels like no one knows what the answer is. Some states have decided that the answer to illegal drugs is simply to legalize them, and Washington is on board.

The State of Washington legalized marijuana for medical use in 1998. It joined a growing number of states that are trying to decriminalize the drug with a gradual approach. While you had to get a doctor’s prescription to buy marijuana from state-certified dispensaries, it has been an open secret that it was easy to do so without a legitimate medical need.

Now Washington has gone even further. In 2012 the state’s voters approved a ballot measure legalizing marijuana for recreational use by adults 21 and over. The fact that voters approved it doesn’t mean that it’s a good idea, however. The US government’s Washington Drug Control Update points out that Washington is one of the nation’s top ten states in several categories of drug use. For example, Washington is one of the top states for illegally abusing pain medication and for the use of illegal drugs overall.

Pro-marijuana advocates may think that they are going to improve conditions in Washington by legalizing marijuana, but the truth is that they are simply making it even easier to use harmful drugs than ever before.

Getting the Help You Need

With marijuana and other drugs becoming more and more common throughout Washington, approximately one in ten residents now admits to using illegal drugs on a regular basis. If you use drugs or know someone else that does, you may already realize that they aren’t everything they’re cracked up to be.

Your friends might have told you that weed wasn’t addictive, but you can’t seem to stop smoking it. Or, the initial thrill of marijuana has worn off and you find yourself experimenting with harder drugs.

No matter what brought you to this point, know that there is a way out. Solution to Addiction can help you find an effective rehab that will tailor its care to your specific needs. No matter what drug you’re on or how long you’ve been using it, professional rehab counselors are standing by that can get you the help that you need.

Ending the War On Drugs

The Seattle Times recently made a valid point in an article about the decade-old “War on Drugs” in the United States. The US government is never going to be able to put enough people in jail to get rid of all the illegal drugs in our country. In fact, putting drug users in jail often just turns them into even more hardened criminals.

The real answer isn’t to legalize drugs, either. In Washington and across the country, the best method for handling drug addiction is to get every drug abuser the help he needs to stop using drugs. Every drug user is going through his own set of problems, so every drug user needs individualized attention to find the right rehab. Call Solution to Addiction at 1-800-343-0892, and you can find that help today.