Vermont Surprises with an Extensive Drug Problem

When considering what parts of the country might be safe from the dangers of drug abuse, you might think that Vermont would be a safe bet. Tucked into the northeast corner of our country and famous for its image of a wooded and rural land, Vermont seems like it would be the last place to find extensive drug abuse. Sadly, that happens to not be the case.

Vermont actually leads the country in several categories of drug abuse. For example, among teenagers between the ages of 12 and 17, Vermont is first in monthly abuse of any kind of drug. It is also first in past-year use of marijuana and past-month use of marijuana. That means that when government surveyors asked teenagers if they had used weed in the past month or in the past year, Vermont led both categories. This is an astounding result, and it shows that Vermont parents have serious work to do in keeping their kids off of drugs.

With marijuana seemingly on an unstoppable wave of legalization throughout the country, there has never been a more important time to learn how to help the drug-addicted residents of Vermont to get sober.

The Heroin Crisis is Escalating

Marijuana isn’t the only drug that Vermont residents have to keep an eye out for. Over the past 15 years, heroin use in the state has increased so quickly that it has become a full-blown epidemic. Governor Peter Shumlin has stated that the number of residents receiving care for heroin abuse has increased 250% since the turn of the millennium, and the number of people caught trafficking the drug increased 135% in just one year recently.

The governor’s response to these increases has been to change the way the state is responding to addiction. Instead of treating heroin abuse simply as a criminal offense, the governor has recognized that addiction has to be treated as a health issue. If heroin addicts are not given effective treatment, there is no way to help them turn around their lives to stop using. Punishing them for heroin addiction rarely does any good in getting them to stop using the drug. Rather, time spent in prison for heroin use usually just causes the person to commit more crimes upon being released.

Heroin is one of the most dangerous drugs on Earth, and its high rates of abuse show that it could claim many more victims if communities don’t take action now to change the trend.

Get Help for Drug-Using Loved Ones Now

The most effective way to help a friend or family member that is using drugs is to get that person into a drug and alcohol rehabilitation center. Since finding the right one can be difficult, the experts at Solution to Addiction are here to help. Give them a call at 1-800-343-0892 today. By talking to a drug rehabilitation referral specialist, you can ensure that your loved one will find a center that is perfect for helping him or her get off drugs now.