Texas and Drug Addiction

The state of Texas and its residents are no strangers to addiction. Texas is particularly susceptible to the troubles relating to addiction and drug trafficking due to its proximity to Mexico. Those who become addicted to drugs find themselves trapped, because not only their cravings drive them to take more and more of their drug of choice, but the drugs are so prevalent and able to be found just about anywhere.

Mexican drug traffickers are well aware of the demand for illicit drugs. They have profited from addicts for years. And not just in Texas but all over the country. Unfortunately, Texas shares a border with the country of origin for so many illegal drugs that it receives the brunt of the resulting crime and violence.

The Drugs Moving Through Texas

The National Substance Abuse Index has stated that the transportation of drugs throughout Texas is dominated by Mexican criminal groups. More and more drugs find their final destination within the state as the addiction problem grows. Many more drugs are smuggled out of the state to other U.S. states such as Georgia, Colorado and even further north. Heroin, cocaine, meth and marijuana are the primary drugs that move through Texas.

Crack cocaine is readily available in Texas and is one of the worst addictions. Far too many addicts who attempt to go through rehab only relapse into drug abuse and their old habits. Although many rehab programs tell addicts that relapse is part of the recovery process, this does not have to be the case. It takes finding the right program and addressing the right issues to achieve lasting recovery.

The major threats in Texas related to heroin are the following:

> Mexican black tar
> Mexican brown heroin
> Columbian heroin
> Southwest Asian heroin

Both rural and urban areas of Texas have meth being manufactured in small laboratories, making it more difficult for law enforcement to capture and prosecute those criminal dealers. Methamphetamine is available in high quantities in the state. Meth is vicious, it ruins lives. Far too many deaths result from addiction to meth.

According to SAMHSA, Texas has one of the highest rates of cocaine use in the country, particularly among those aged twelve to seventeen. When someone begins experimenting with cocaine, the likelihood of addiction is great. Young kids without an effective education on the use and abuse of drugs get caught in the trap of addiction and then it is too late. This is why it is vital to find Texas drug rehab that will help those who do become addicted, and hopefully provide effective education as well.

Various club drugs can be found in any city in Texas. The most frequently abused club drugs are Ecstasy, Ketamine and LSD. PCP is readily available as is Rohypnol. All of these drugs present a significant threat to those who take them. They are dangerous drugs which can have fatal consequences.

Violence and Drugs in Texas

The crime rates soar as street gangs get involved in the drug trade. Residents see their neighborhoods endangered and unsafe. With gangs creating havoc on the streets, with drug traffickers pushing drugs into every area of society and with kids susceptible to the temptations of the promoted “benefits” of drug use, our society is on the edge of disaster.

The Solution to Addiction in Texas

An addict needs to find a solution to addiction. He or she may need assistance, from family or others they trust. We can help. We can help locate the most successful Texas drug rehabilitation center. Call us with any questions or concerns. We would be glad to help.