San Diego California is the second largest city in the state and the eighth largest in the U.S. Located in San Diego County, this city is right on the beautiful coast of Southern California, adjacent to the Mexican border. The population in 2011 was approximately 1,311,516. It grows from year to year due to the mild climate and extensive white sandy beaches.

San Diego is part of the Southwest Border High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area (HIDTA), an area where drugs come into the city via Mexico and the activities of the Mexican drug cartels. This HIDTA covers San Diego as well as parts of Arizona, New Mexico and West and South Texas. The designation was assigned due to the volume of drugs passing through (and coming to stop) within this region.

Drug enforcement finds handling illegal drugs and arresting traffickers a challenge here. And the scene also makes the availability of drugs an extreme danger to anyone attempting to recover from addiction. This is one reason that drug rehab San Diego centers must be effective in providing lasting sobriety.

Drug Abuse in San Diego

Those in California heading for rehab hope for full recovery, and with as little a struggle as necessary. The primary admission treatments in the state are due to stimulant addiction, which includes addiction to meth. The next largest number of people going into treatment is due to marijuana, then heroin, cocaine and other opiates in that order. Methamphetamine is a real threat in San Diego just like the other areas of the state.

Reported statistics in San Diego show that there are about 1,156 citizens who are in halfway homes for drug or alcohol abuse and another 16 in hospitals for the same. Perhaps the following is due largely to drug-related crime. There are approximately 1,966 people in local jails, federal prisons and other correction facilities. There are 230 people who are in halfway houses.

It has been shown to be a fact that more accidental deaths come from the use of prescription drugs than accidental deaths from car crashes. In fact, this has been true across the United States.

San Diegotreatment centers for drug and alcohol addiction commonly have a revolving door, where addicts leave only to shortly relapse thereafter. This occurs all over the U.S. and in fact, the world. It is a sad fact and yet, does not have to occur. When all factors of addiction are fully addressed, lasting recovery is possible.You need a program which is a complete package and addresses mind, body and spirit.

San DiegoDrug and Alcohol Treatment Centers:

The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) lists many drug rehab centers by area. However, not every facility in this area is on their list. When you are searching for a holistic treatment center, a non 12-Step program or even a dual diagnosis drug treatment center, you will not find all the options with SAMHSA.

Even with only the SAMHSA list, the number of centers for drug rehab San Diego is staggering. You don’t have to spend hours calling and finding out what these programs offer. We are here to save you time so you can find drug rehab San Diego quickly and easily. Call us today. 1-800-343-0892.