Pennsylvania Works to Cut Down on Drug Use Deaths

Pennsylvania is a beautiful state full of gorgeous, green rolling hills. It’s also at the center of many of the most historic events during the founding of our country. There’s no doubt that anyone from Pennsylvania can be proud to live in the state, but there’s also a major drawback. Drug use continues to be an epidemic in the state’s densest urban areas, and now the effects of drug abuse are affecting rural areas, too.

The federal government’s Pennsylvania Drug Control Update reports that the rateofdrug-induced deaths in the state is higher than the national average. The reason for this is that two of the top three most popular drugs in the state are both forms of opiates.

Heroin is the most popular drug in Pennsylvania, and that is alarming due to the fact that it is a powerful and deadly drug that can easily create overdoses. Marijuana is the most popular illegal drug throughout most of the country, but heroin manages to take the top spot in Pennsylvania. That means that in addition to just getting high, residents could be losing their lives to their addictions.

In order to for communities to protect themselves from the ever-present danger of drug abuse, families need to start educating themselves on all the major forms of substance abuse in the state. Once they do this, they can start fighting back.

Massive Amounts of Illegal Drugs in Pennsylvania

The need for individual families to be able to take action against drug abuse has never been more pressing, simply because of the amount of illegal drugs in the state. Police report that in one quarter alone, they will seize as much as $23 million in illegal drugs such as heroin, cocaine and marijuana. Other drugs found in massive quantities include prescription painkiller drugs meant for illegal resale and large amounts of methamphetamine.

With so many illegal drugs in the state, no one can rely on police to catch all of it. When this is the amount that they are managing to seize, it’s not a stretch of the imagination that we are only seeing the tip of the iceberg. Parents need to know what these drugs look like and what the signs of abuse are. When they are educated on what to look for, they can stop drug abuse before it progresses to the point of injuring or killing someone.

Helping Everyone Get Off Drugs

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